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Serena Strother Wilson, 4th Generation Master Quilter of the Farrow McDaniel Family, AKA Life member, Griot, Art History Maker  Welcome,
"Lurn bou
t we"
(Gullah-Geechee for "Learn about us")

Official Page for the
UGRR  Secret Quilt Code  Howard Lee. WilsonDr. Howard Lee Wilson, (US Army - Ret. Lt. Col, Lifetime Member of  Kappa Alpha Psi, Tau Chapter WVSU, Former Deputy Safety Director for the City of Columbus, OH

& Allied Families

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 On-line "American Civil War History"
 Interview & Discussion: 

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp - Griot, Historian, Quilter Her mission is to teach delayed gratification and reconciliation skills by using her family's historic legacy of working on the Underground Railroad to educate and sound the alarm on modern Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence

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Get Our New Book Coming Soon

"Keeper of the Fire:
An Igbo Metal Smith From Awka"

New Book -KEEPER OF THE FIRE: An Igbo Metalsmith from Awka by Teresa R. Kemp, Foreword by Serena M. Strother Wilson get the 187 year details of the UGRR Secret Quilt Code.



Chattanooga Quilt Show!

"UGRR Quilts - Keeper of the Fire Exhibit" 

 to benefit the

International Women's Center Fund Raising 

The Keeper of the Fire Exhibition


Tennessee Temple University's
Lee Roberson Student Center

at Orchard Knob & Kirby Avenues
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Donations welcomed

 September 8th to 16th, 2014

10:00 am to 6:00 pm

(last tour begins at 5:00 pm)

For Group reservations call (404) 468-7050

Bronze bracelet Nigeria  in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Musem African Collection West African Mask embellished with flying geese symbols, metal, cotton, pigment, cowry shells beads, and woven grass  in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum African Collection. One of the textiles from Tte Language of Kente exhibit in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum's African Textile Collection


For Other "UGRR Secrets of the Quilts Exhibit"

 Dates & Highlights of the 2014 Programs

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When my late parents,

Dr. Howard & Mrs. Serena Wilson attended the
Worldwide Organization of Women's (WOW) Conference in 2004

We heard the plight of the villagers living

near Eze Riv
er in Ozubulu Anambra State, Nigeria.

Our family pledged the money from our
book sales and gave it to WOW.

WOW raised $35,000.00, partnered with Dr. Stong,
a retired architech, who went to Nigeria, 
designed and supervised the effort.
The villagers that live in the area contributed
30 men & women workers for 60 days. 

Watch and Be Blessed! God Hears & Answers Prayer

150 tons of excavation; 175 tons of concrete;
47 tons of timber; and 6 tons of steel pipe
was what it took to build the Eze River bridge
in the Anambra state village of Ozubulu.

I can't wait to see what grows
from the financial seeds planted this year.


Serena Wilson's Sampler


Festival was great I learned so much,

Cooked outdoors on open fire atthe 

1st World Igbo Arts & Crafts Festival 

July 24 -26th, 2014 at the Igbo Village
Frontier Culture Museum in 
Staunton, Virginia

You are invited to the 1st World Igbo Arts & Culture Festival & Conference Join Me on July 24-26th, 2014 at Igbo Village Frontier Museum Staunton, VA

FATHER OF THE DAY:  His Royal Highness Eze Nri,

Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh

His Royal Majesty Eze Nri, Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh of Anambra State Nigeria Africa

Nri Enwalana II  of Anambra State Nigeria Africa


Ohaneze President, Chief Gerry - Enwo Igarewey

SPECIAL GUEST: Govenors: South South 

NEW: Mrs. Teresa Kemp Presents 

An Igbo Metal Smith from Awka Exhibit"

Mrs. Teresa R. Wilson Kemp Author of Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith from Awka Join us for the Exhibit at Igbo Village Frontier Museum Staunton, Virgina


Join Me and the 

The Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society 

and Old Edgefield District African

American Genealogical Society 
 at the
Southern Studies Showcase

September 20-21st, 2014

in Edgefield,  SC

 Genealogical and historical societies from all over
South Carolina and parts of Georgia are
being invited to participate in this two-day event.  

For more photos and Events

Visit our News & Events Page.


 Did you know?

 Abolitionist of all races and faiths were 

 working worldwide to assist the workers of 
Underground Railroad in America!

Some of their names we will never know.

Levi Coffin at age 65 traveled to England in 1864 to raise moneies 

among the Quakers for the "contraband", 
(newly freed former enslaved people) who needed

food, clothing, medical supplies, sheltar and books for education.

He raised $100,000.00 in one year !  

There were more than 38 different
"Methods of Escape" on the American UGRR

Native American people were abolitionist
slaves & slave owners in America

Scottish & Irish people were enslaved and
slave owners in North America

Bulgaria had slavery over 500 years,

Poland had slavery over 1,300 years below ground in salt mines!

For More Information

We also assist researchers & Students!

Congrats to Emma Baumgardner !

Emma Baumgardner winner of Eddysville Iowa History Competition highlighting the UGRR Quilt Code use in slave escapes. She competed in the states jr Div of Iowa History Competion. We gave her unpublished documents and photos to enhance her report.

Iowa 6th grader, who won her
Elementary School & City's History Fair

She went on to Des Moines, Iowa to compete
as the youngest competitor in
the State's Natiional History Competion! 

She is on to her Success!

Visit our Research Page!


I have 2 American Revolutionary War Patriot 
family members

 160 Confederate & 58 Union
family members over 1,073 documents
about them and their service

I add more of the 1,000 CSA documents weekly.

12 WWI family members honored
by France & US




The Family Place Page is now open it is in the 

drop down menu from the About Us page!

See the 2014 Family Reunions Information

Los Angeles & Atlanta, GA

July 17-19, 2014

We Love our  family and we are looking for you! 

Descendants of the 9 Children of
David Richardson Strother's of

Rockhill Plantation in Edgefield, SC that were born in 
GA between 1840 - 1870. 


& in Los Angeles, CA the Dents, McDaniels & More

(Check back for more Info)


    Children of Christopher Strother born in California

    They Contacted Me! Found my late Uncle's children

    We pray for you, your love ones, needs and safety daily.

    Abrams (Abrahms), Adamms, (Adams), Adkins, Andersons, Austins, Bacons, Bakers, Balls, Barns, Barnes,  Battles, Beesons, Belchers, Bells, Berry, Bigbys, Blacks,   Blairs, Blockers, Bormans, Boorams, Brunsons, Browns, Bulls, Burtons, Busseys, Caldwells, Cambell, Carters, Clarke, Coleman, Collins, Culpeppers, Davis, Dents, Devards, DeVores, Dews, Dunns, Edwards, Eichelbergers, Evans, Farmers, Farrows (Pharrors, Pharow, Phannow, Farro),  Forsakers, Frenchs, Fullers, Gaffney, Gandys, Gertjegerdes, Gibsons, Gilcrest, Gilchrest, Gordons, Gordys, Greene, Guerard,
    Hamptons, Handcocks, Hendersons, Higgins, Hoffendall, 
    Hollinsworths, Holmes, 
    Hogar, Hortons, Howards, Issoms, Jacksons, Jeffersons, Jenkins, Johnsons, Jones, Joyces, Justice, Kelly, Kemps, Kennerley, Lake, Larrys, Lawler, Lenox,,  Jones, Leverett, Littles, Marlins, Martins, Marshalls, Martins, Means, McDaniels, Means, Mitchells,Mobleys, Moores, Nesbit, Nicholsons, Myricks, Outzs, Palmores, Parkers, Peacocks, Perrys, Pixleys (Picksely, Pixly, Pixsley), Popes, Porter, Powel, Powells, Pratts, Myricks, Reeds, Richardsons, Ricks, Riddle, Robinsons, Russ,  Savages, Scoggins, Shepards, Simpkins, Slydells, Smiley's, Smiths, Stanleys, Strother, (Struders, Struthers, Stroders), Sullivans, Tates, Tallifero, Talliferro, Taylors, Thomas, Thornton,  Thompsons, Tigners, Valle, Wash,
     Washington's, Watkins, Websters, Whatleys, Wheeleer,  Witchers, Whitehunts, Whitehurst, Williams, Wilson, Witcher, Woods, Yelder, Zieglers

    From today's research: I would like to welcome the following Families I added them above to the the Allied Families based on personal testimony, bible records, wills, marriage records: 

    New Allied Families
    Adams, Bacon, Baker, Berry, Beeson, Blocker, Cambel, Franklins, French, 
    Forsakers,  Gibson, Guerard, Gibbs, Higgins, Hoffendall, Jones, Kemp, Kennerley,
    Jacksons, Justice, Lake, Lawler, Leverett, McDaniel,  Nicholson, Pixley, Pope,
    Porter, Powel, Reed, Ricks, Riddle, Robinsons, Savage, Slydale,
    Scoggins,  Sheppard, Talliferro, Thorntons, Tigner, Watkins, Webster, Ziegler.

    Visit our Family Page for more information

    We Separated our 

    Stop Human Trafficking Info
    see the new links so much more!

     National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Cyber Tip line link

    Our Human Trafficking Newsletter

    is just about ready!


    For more information on
    UGRR Quilt Code Presentations
    Times & Locations

    Children with artifacts at UGRR Traveling Exhibit at WVSU in Institute, WV.

    Visit our News & Events &
    Traveling Exhibit Pages

    July 1st - 31th, 2014

    "Quilts of the Farrow McDaniel Strother Family"

    Atlanta Fulton County Library Atlanta, GA



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     8 Generations of Women
    Who Didn't Quit!

    "We were those who did not draw back ...."


    More documents, records & historic photos
    shared with you of
    African, European, Gullah Geechee &
    Appalachian Roots


    "The Water Spirit Omambala brought us here.
    The Water Spirit Omambala will carry us home."

    (Orimiri Omambala bu anyi bia. Orimiri Omambala ka anyi ga ejina.)

    – Ancient Igbo Hymn


    The Igbo village in Staunton, Virginia is a tangible recognition of
    the contribution of the Igbo victims of the Atlantic slave trade to the
    development of Virginia and the greater American frontier culture.

    Enslaved Igbo men, women and children who traveled by force
    from many specific locations in the hinterland of Igboland to
    North America, helped to build what is now known as the
    United States. A great majority of those who came to Vi...See More

    The Revamped
    On-line Museum Page
    now has my old commerical
    that gives you a window
    I added more photos 09/04/2013
    to the past UGRR Quilt Code Exhibit at
    Underground in Atlanta, GA

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    For Milddle Schoolers to Professionals

    Our Research Place is up,
    we are beefing it up daily!

    For Pre K-9th Graders

    Visit the new pages:
    Age appropriate games,
    PBS Kids,
    National Geographic Kids,
    National Park Service Web Ranger
    virtual trips worldwide
    educational links  
    Kids Place

    More wills, documents, records & historic photos
    shared with you of
    African, EuropeanGullah Geechee &
    Appalachian Roots

    My Strother Coat of Arms, of our immigrant family to  America.

    Visit to discover

    more about
    my European Heritage
    William Strother the first immigrant
    in America from my family

    You can see how I know
    so much about our famil


    Finally ....  Freedom Sounds Newsletter 

    (Note:   This newsletter is large and
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    Our on-line ne
    wsletter for thoes
    who love history & our family

    Check out the Memorial  Milestones & Find out
    where we will
    be next on the News & Events Page


    We are still adding to the pages to
    restore it to the
    robustness of the former sight.

     Military History Page

    "371st Colored Troops
    Coming Together Reunion"

     Columbia, SC for more information

    Contact Sonya Hodges at


    We are adding the Civil War Veterans &
    more revolutionary war information
    daily so keep checking back!


    You can see how I know so
    much about our famil

    Family Death Record (on left)
      a list of my paternal
    great grandfather William McDaniel's
    sisters & brothers (on right)
    all born in the 1800's below.

    (Written by him)

    Farrow McDaniel Death Record, names other allied family members and dates of their death. Peter Farrow Jr. is named in this document. Son of abolitionist & former slaves Peter & Eliza Farrow William Jefferson's Handwritten record of his sisters and brother's all born in Virginia in 1800's

    William Strother Society
    (Click on the link above)

    The UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum &
    Plantation Quilts & Gifts

    We have dedicated ourselves to the accurate preservation
    of the legacy of our
    family's contributions to World History.

    David Richardson Strother, D.R. Strother, my great grandfather, owner of Rock Hill Plantation, SC, Edgefield, SC. My Great Great Grandfather Horton McDaniel from VA moved to Bramwell WV. Married Francis Stone and had children Creamer, Irene and Gus.

    Great great grandfather Rev. Peter Farrow Jr., metal smith, son of former Glynn County, GA slaves Peter & Eliza Farrow, abolitionist who used what is called the  UGRR Quilt Code. Great Grandfather William Jefferson from Piggs River Township Pittsylvania County VA moved to Bramwell, WV married Irene McDaniel.

     We believe that by sharing common experiences
    and lessons learned,

     Teresa R. Kemp with guest of the Irish Festival at the UGRR Quilt Museum Exhibit. Plaid is also a textile language.    Proud participant of the Latino Festival at Underground Atlanta where Teresa Kemp & staff of the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum took Oral Histories of visitors to the Exhibit.

    Prof. A. Maddy,shared a in a discussion & information exchanged with museum patrons dressed in their cultural attire,

    We can increase the opportunity of each to heal,
    prosper and co-exist in celebration of their
    diverse cultural a

    Adinkra Stamp Activity, Original Craft Festival, Sharonville Ohio, One of our UGRR Quilt Code family activities we do at quilt show, youth art programs. We teach and display symbolic languages.

      Our staff and family are a dedicated group of individuals
    with a wide range of skills and expertise.

       Making Paper Dolls at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum, Kir, Calvin, Teresa Kemp &  staff all lead Kids Corner Activities Daily.Our guest Instructors taught doll making, African tie dye, wood carving, jewelry making, weaving and more.  Youth sewing & quilting classes for exhibit activities, camps and after-school programs. Mrs. Kemp instructs a fun boys 5-8 year old Quilting Class at St. Phillip's Church in Decatur GA.

     Our goal is to make a difference
    in your life and those around you.

    Youth Leadership Academy Home Decor Class, Monifa, National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Fulton County Central Library Programs, Coretta Scott King Annual Book Awards, Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp with her family's Silk Log Cabin Pattern 19th Century Quilt,    National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Central Library, Atlanta GA, Coretta Scott King Book Awards, Pre-K group activities

    Don't stand on the sideline get
    engaged in your family or community.

    Call us today at (404) 468-7050
    to book your Exhibit or Program!

    Patrons at the exhibits are from many disciplines and courses of study. Communications, printmaking, history, Education, English as a second Language, Biology, Natural sciences, Religion, Foreign Languages Political Science,  math, film making to name a few.    Drums were used with textiles as a form of communication in West Africa. We have many forms of non-verbal communication in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Traveling Exhibits.

    Oct.. 2011 GA Quilt Show patrons view the textiles in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Traveling Exhibit,

     For more information view our
    Traveling Exhibit Page


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