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Ikolo (drum) from Awka Nigeria was a method of Igbo communication, played at celebrations & ceremonies. Gift to the Frontier Museum in Staunton VA USA in July 2014 by Obi Gibson Nwous.News & Events 

It is a Great Day in McCormick!

Come Celebrate with us McCormick County's

101th Anniversary (1916 to 2017)


War is never good but we must teach our youth to honor veterans, spouses and the families or all wars or they will not honor the veterans of any war.

National Confederate Month

April 1st - April 30th, 2017

SC Wild's Heritage Center 

of Plantation Quilts

201 S. Main Str. * McCormick, SC 29835 USA

Call (803) 618-2250 to schedule your visit 

Located In the Historic McCormick Train Depot

Thanks to SC Relic Room Archives
for the information and Handouts

 Come Learn with Us

Visit our SC Mineral & Mining in the Region Exhibits

Heritage Class Schedule:

Saturdays: 9:30 am:

Candy making class $10.00

Saturdays 10: 30 am:

Soap making class -$10.00

Saturdays 11: 30 am:

Quilting Class $10.00

12:00 - 2:00 pm Free Arts & Crafts for patrons

Please call to reserve your space in the class:(803) 618-2250

Drop-ins Welcomed 


Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp was Speaker@the Center Spring/Summer 2017

 at SC State Library 1500 Senate Street, Columbia, SC for a Book Discussion of Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka

Listen for the podcast:

SC State Librarian


Human Rights & Trafficking

Friday- June 2st, 2017 
9:30 am - 12:00 am

Educational Sessions for

Law Enforcement, Educators,

Human Rights/Trafficking Advocates 

Healthcare workers, Truckers,

Domestic Violence/child abuse professionals

Educational Session will be held at

SC Wild's Heritage Center

201 S. Main Street * McCormick, SC 29835

 12:00 - 1:00 pm


1:00 - 2:00 pm 

Tour of SC Wild's Heritage Center & Documents
the collection of former enslaved

Abolitionist Peter & Eliza Farrow

SC Wild's Heritage Center of Plantation Quilts™

Guest Speakers:

 Wilder Ferreira   Wilder Ferreira, Freshwater Coast Community Foundation, Clemson University Extension 

Clemson University Extension Service,
Freshwater Coast Community Foundation

Matt Wiggins, South Carolina Business Development Center Lander University Greenwood, SC USA  Matt Wiggins

SC Business Development Center's  Lander University Greenwood, SC

Please RSVP

For Registration for Phone: (803) 618-2250 

More Information call or Email:


Check out the latest activities of 

Lucinda J. Clark of the Poetry Matters Project

Poetry Matters Project

Let us assist you with Social Media presence, publishing your work, improving your performance of your poetry!


World History * SC History * Black History


Children's Coloring & Painting Activity:

 * Donations Accepted *

RSVP to Ms Teresa R. Kemp (803) 618-2250

UGRR Secrets of the Quilts * Classes * 

Crafts * Military History Exhibits *

John Rhodes Mining Discussions *

 International Displays & More


July 1st -August 1, 2017 

"Let Freedom Ring Exhibition"

Join us

July 7th, 2017 for  Exhibit Opening Reception

Come see legislation from around the world on abolitishment of slavery.

Also Underground Railroad Messages in the Music

"Quilts of the Farrow McDaniel Strother Family"

Village Life Story  Quilt from the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum' s African Collection


I Have Chosen Education As A

Bridge to Understanding


               I can't change my ancestor being taken

from Anambra State, Nigeria

 but I can provide education & relief.

*  *  *  *  *

Holiday on Main 

Visit our Holiday Quilts Exhibition at SC Wild's Heritage Center December 2nd, 2017

Join us to make a Ginger Bread village &

Holiday Decorations


 “WWI Lunch and Learn” Session

on February 26, 2016 at 12:00 noon

For more information click here or call 
Mr. Joe Long Phone: 803-737-8095 or

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

(803) 618-2250 or (404) 468-7368 

Free & Open to the Public

Handicapped Accessible * Free Parking



Thank you for Joining me!


Book Discussion on Biafra Radio 24

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Atlanta's Quilt Lady, Author of Keeper of the Fire

Visit my blog for updates.

It was Saturday 3/27/2015

Radio Biafra 24 (From London)

11:00 am EST or 3:00 pm GMT

I learned a lot during the

book discussion of

"Keeper of the Fire:

An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka".

It documents my family history from West Africa to 

America for slavery and the passing down of that

history 187 years in America to me.


My family sewed African patterns &
symbols into quilts (textiles) in America
that were used as maps and information 
to assist 
enslaved Africans to freedom on the Underground Railroad.


The book contains vast resources for you
to document your community, an event or
your family history. Document the on-going journey of your area.

Research, document and tell your own story
don't complain about what someone else has done.


Thank you for coming out!
March 7th, 2015
at Medu Bookstore

Greenbriar Mall Atlanta, GA

(Visit our Blog for notes for discussion)

Book Signing For the "Keeper of the Fire" & 
Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure

I gave out Family History Free Handouts 


Thank you for coming to raise 

money for their Sam & Edith Johnson Scholarship Fund.

The "African Diaspora Experience"

Feb. 7th & Feb. 22nd, 2015
Black History Breakfast went great!

Sam & Edith Johnson's daughters with Mrs. Teresa Kemp, (event keynote speaker) hold their mother's quilt at the African Diaspora Experience Scholarship Fundraiser & Exhibit on Feb. 7th, 2015 at the Hillside Presbyterian Church. The fundraiser went great and I enjoyed the hospitality of the Decatur, GA community.

At Hillside Presbyterian Church

           Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure co-authors Teresa R.Kemp & Jamel Thomas-Joyce   

Dont forget to contact us with 

your comments or questions.


I will be skyping with an 8th grade Ohio class this week!
They have been sewing an
UGRR Secret Quilt Code Textile.

I can't wait to see it!

Call about your class joining us today!


Thanks for Joining me at Medu Bookstore

in Greenbriar Mall Atlanta, GA 

 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy. SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

March 7th, 2015 

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Author Meet & Greet

with Book Signing was informative.

For more information call 

Nia at Phone:(404) 346-3263



Bernice Bennett Host of Research at the National Archives & Beyond

Thanks to Bernice Bennet radio 
host & 
all of you who tuned in 
to the 
Research at the National Archives & Beyond Radio 
interivew 1/15/2015 and the 800+ listeners 
who followed along on 

If you missed it CLICK HERE


To everyone who

Tuned in Thursday Jan. 15th, 2015! 


I appreciated your questions & comments.


To Kick off 2015 with Genealogy Talk Radio


I discussed the PROCESS of DOCUMENTING



How We Documented Our 

Oral African Family History


 that resulted in a 5 generation work: 


Visit our Blog:

for the documents, photos & sources 

given on the radio programs



Thank you to all who came to the 

"African Diasporan Experience"

Hillside Presbyterian Church

Feb.7th, 2015 

Scholarship Fundraiser * Exhibit * Book Signing

Black History Breakfast Feb. 22nd, 2015

I learned a lot about inventions.




The Columbus Urban League & 

the 1,000th graduate will be presented with a
copy of the new 

"Keeper of the Fire:
An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka"

Get Our New Book Today!

Black & White Version is out 

Click on the gift below to get discounted
rate of either version!

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

Authors Page

Forewords by

Serena M. Strother Wilson Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku

Keeper of the Fire Author Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Forewords by Mrs. Serena M. Strother & Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku Illustrated by Jamel K. Thomas-Joyce 

(Click book or links below for  more info or to order)

Full Color Copy (480) Cost:  $89.95 

Black & White (480 pages):  $29.9

Jamel K. Thomas Joyce is the Illustrator of the book
"Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka"

& Co-Author of
Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure"

Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure co-authors Teresa R.Kemp & Jamel Thomas-Joyce is now available click the photo to order your copy today!

9 yr. old Jamel K. Joyce's Louise Nevel's 

Box Sculpture was in the 

All-District Art Show at Bexley, OH
Cassinham Higschool Complex

Opening Reception was in the Art Wing

Oct. 7, 2014 - Nov. 7, 2014

Jamel K. Thomas Joyce Illustrator of new book Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith from Awka had his (white) Louise Nevel Box Sculpture was selected to be in the All District Art Show that opened at the Bexley Ohio Cassingham Complex Art Wing. The show runs 10/7/2014 to 11/07/2014.


Spring into your new year and join Ms. Kemp in
Columbus, Ohio location 


Watch for the dates of the exhibitions at
OSU in 2015 & 2016


Mrs Teresa Kemp was a guest on
the Gist of Freedom's Radio Program

Sunday Sept 21, 2014

"The Black History Internet Radio show, 

The Gist of Freedom is Still Faith.
Research Links discussed can be
                               seen at

    They include: Freedman Bureau, Library of Congress, 

Slave Name Data Base, Slave ship Voyages DataBase
and many more primary sources used in our Research
Last night we were blessed with having the most
dynamic Underground Railroad
historian on our show!
Mrs. Teresa Kemp brilliantly weaves the Underground Railroad experience to African traditions.
Please take a listen for yourself,
and I'm sure you will agree.  
Please click the link/ Run Away advertisement below.
Check out thier other sites some of the
most informative I have found! (BlogTalkRadio)


Karlton Jones has a new album out - Check it out!

His Strother line is Milton & Martha Strother -
John & Mary Stother -
Belva (Strother) Marlin -
Leave him a note!


Bernice A. Bennet & co-authors Harris Bailey, Jr.

Ellen L. Butler, Ethel Dailey, Vincent Sheppard

have published a book with early Edgefield, SC stories.

Click the book for more information & to buy the book.

New Book - Our Ancestors Our Stories by Bernice Bennett


Dr. Johnston A. K. & Mrs Njoku were honored
and given a title at the 1 World Arts & Cultural Festival

Dr. & Mrs. Nina Njoku received a title and were honored by  Chief Garry Enwo-Igariwey, President-General Ohaneze Ndigbo; Eze Nri Nweleána II Obidiegwu Onyeso; His Royal Highness Eze Nelson Nwosu and Dr. Nwachukwu A. Anakwenze at the 1st World Igbo Arts & Cultural Festival's Igbo Village in Staunton, VA July 26th, 2014.

for the work done on his new book that traced the Slave Routes
out of Nigeria to the Coast. "From Freedom to Freedom"


Book From Freedom to Freedom by Dr. J. A. K. Njoku Folklore Dept. Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY.


 On-line "American Civil War History"

 Interview & Discussion: 


Look Back at 2014 Events:

Dec. 10th COMBA Networking Event

Dec. 11th, 2014 AAMI Awards Program 

Thanks for joining us at the
Quilt Show in Chattanooga, TN

September 9th - 17th, 2014

UGRR Secret Quilt Code Quilts in



Tennessee Temple Univeristy's Lee Roberson Student Center 

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Benefiting the 

Proposed International Women's Recovery Ctr.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Free Parking * Handicapped Accessible 

  • Free UGRR Arts & Crafts
  • Free Teacher handout
  • Free Family History Forms
  • Free Fabric Swatch

Thank you CGLA Charter School we had 6 groups of classes!

We Welcomed All 
American Quilt Society (AQS) Quilt Week 
Convention Attendees * Vendors * 
Sponsors * Staff
Missed it send a contribution:

A Better Way Counseling, Inc.

402 Kilmer Street * Chattanooga, TN 37404


July 1st -August 1, 2014 July Dawn Exhibition went Great!

July Dawn Multi-Artist Exhibition in Atlanta, GA June 30- Aug. 1, 2014

"Quilts of the Farrow McDaniel Strother Family"

Atlanta Fulton County Pulic Library in Atlanta, GA

Village Life Story  Quilt from the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum' s African Collection


Meet me, Mrs. Teresa Kemp

to get your signed copy of

"Keeper of the Fire:
An Igbo Metalsmith from Awka"

 at the 


July 28th- 230th, 2016

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp Griot - Master Quilter- Military Historian - Abolitionist Fighting Human Trafficking
Staunton, VA at the Frontier Museum's Igbo Village


Thank you to the Athens, GA Quilt Club for having me with the Keeper of the Fire Trunk Show!

Atlanta Fulton County Library 

November 1-30th, 2015

"Sacrafice & Service Miltiary History
& Programs

Free Gallery Activities for Guest

Honoring our Veterans


Serena Wilson's UGRR Sampler Quilts

Serena Strother Wilson and her last Sampler Quilts
were  on display in the 
Ephusus Liturgical Art Exhibition 

May 4, 2014  From 4 - 7 p.m.
Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Columbus, OH


UGRR Secret of the Quilts Exhibit in Covina Public Library Feb. 5-8th, 2014. Mrs. Teresa Kemp speaks to a school audience on how to stop Human Trafficking & how the quilts held information and direction in each of the patterns.

We had over 700+ people view the 
"UGRR Secret of the Quilts Exhibit"

at the Covina Library Feb, 5 - 8th, 2014 in Covina, California

For the Kaiser Permanente
Atlanta Regional Doctors & Nurses

"Underground Railroad Secrets of the Quilts Exhibit"

We used our family history slavery to
"Sound the alarm" on modern day

Human Trafficking

The 2014 Kaiser Permanente Health Fair
March 1, 2014 Atlanta was great!

We learned showed many guest the benefits
of knowing your family medical geneaology found in death certificates  like this one (below)

Hosted by the KPAAPA





15TH, 2014


Title Ceremony Anambra State Nigeria Africa

On Sunday, February 16, 2014 5:28 PM, 

     NRI  ancient kingdom in Anambra state came alive on 15th February, 2014
when His Royal  Majesty Eze Obidiegwu Onyeso celebrated the annual ‘IGU ARO’
festival. Personalities from different parts of the world graced the occasion
in an event that can easily pass as the best ‘IGU ARO’ celebration of all times.
    His Royal Majesty Eze Obidiegwu Onyeso (Nri Enwelana II)
used the opportunity to honor an illustrious son of
Igbo land in the person of Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze.   
In his coronation speech Igwe Onyeso stated that Nri kingdom recognizes
the contributions of Dr. Anakwenze in giving focused
leadership and direction to the Igbo nation.
     Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze received the title of ‘’IFE  NDIGBO’’
as a beacon of light for NDIGBO  which is reflected in his
membership of the  board of trustee of Igbo village in the
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia, USA.

He is the first and only black member of the Board of  Trustee
in the frontier culture museum of Virginia.
     In another recent development, Ohanaeze  Ndigbo appointed  
Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze as the
Chairman of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo  Diaspora Committee
(Leader of Ndiigbo in Diaspora).
Other chieftaincy recipients during the “IGU ARO” festival are:
1  Dr. Innocent Chukwuma (OFR) Chairman of  Innoson Group of
companies ltd. As (okpuzo-ndigbo). 
2. Dr. Ramas Asuzu. (Odenigbo ndigbo)
3. Chief kindness Ogom Ezeanyaeche (Anyanwu-ututu ndigbo)
4 Chief Emma Okocha (Onyeamuma ndigbo)
5 Chief Joe Martin Uzodike (Akanemeze ndigbo).
6 Chief Ifeoma Nwawulu) Adaejiejemba.
7  Ignatus Nnubia (Anya Ndigbo
  Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze is the Chairman of Igbo World Assembly(IWA),
as well as the Chairman  of Anambra State Associations World Wide
(ASA-World).  He had previously received the following titles;
Okaa  omee  na Abagana, Omeligbo na Agulueri and 
 Ike Ndi Igbo na Idu Eri Kingdom.
Godwin Ofole Igbo World Assembly/ ASA World Representative in Nigeria.




We assisted her by participating in her survey about a 
museum's role with diverse economic 
and/or homeless populations.

She has only started to scratch the surface on what
can/will be done to further the museum work with 
economically diverse audiences.

 Her intent was to showcase multiple access points
of engagement so that museums might find a model 
or idea that could fit for their institution. 


Congrats to Emma Baumgardner !

Emma Baumgardner winner of Eddysville Iowa History Competition highlighting the UGRR Quilt Code use in slave escapes. She competed in the states jr Div of Iowa History Competion. We gave her unpublished documents and photos to enhance her report.

Iowa 6th grader who won her Eddiesville, Iowa
Elementary School & City History Fairs

We give copies of documents &
photos your student can make A's.


Click on the pix below for Photo Album of the

4th Annual Cornbread Jubilee - Celebration of Bread

Sonya Hodges & Mrs. Teresa Kemp show a textile made with corn fibers at the 4th Annual Cornbread Jubilee - Celebration of Breads in Columbia SC Feb 15th, 2014


The 2014 Strother Family 

Bi-Annual Conference

Was 17-19th, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit for more information.

This site recognizes the early migration of Strother family
members to the southeast states of North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

The Atlanta History Center is the depository for
the Henry and Arthur Pryor Strother
ledgers and book collections.


"RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigiera" 

Re-emerging Jews of Niger a documentary film by Jeff Liberman

Click Here for Full Details of each Screening 

Director Jeff Lieberman contact:


Kenucky UGRR Station 

I ran into a man in Columbus, OH on a research field trip.
He promised he would send me photos of his
daugter's building used on the UGRR in Kentucky!

KY Brawner/Pfeiffer Home  UGRR Site Plaque


Visit & Like Howard Wilson Memorial
Photo Album on Facebook 

UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum

 Thank You for your Prayers & Condolences

It is with Great Sadness & Joy We Honor Them


Click link below for

 Freedom Sounds Newsletter 


Over 100 Joined Us in Columbus, Ohio for

"Memories Pieced Together Exhibit"
Honoring the Quilting Legacy of

 Mrs. Serena Strother Wilson &

her quilting buddies & Quilters for Christ

The Parish House Quilters &

Member Quilter for Christ her quilts were exhibited at the Memories Pieced Together Exhibit   

Mrs. Mary Stewart, Master Quilter  

Mildred H. Washington, Master Quilter, President of Quilters for Christ in Columbus Ohio

Mrs. Teresa Kemp &

Barbra Spull of the M.L. King Arts Complex 

spoke to a group of members of the 
Broad Street Preysbeterian Church
in Columbus, 

Serena wilson & her UGRR Secret Quilt Code Sampler Quilt that she used to teach how her ancestor Peter & Eliza Farrow successfully did slave escapes.

Visit this website for events

 Teresa Kemp shared her family's legacy & 
was given a new name

Naming Ceremony at World Igbo Assembly Conference at the Frontier Museum in Staunton, VA March 2o14

Osinachi means ("God has returned a gift")

at the Frontier Museum in Staunton, VA  USA

 *  *  *  *  *

Allied Families 

Please send me your photos 
to insert in the 2014 Family Newsletter 

This is my

"Every Day is a Holiday-Finding 
Quilted Gifts" 
(I know you will want 
to keep it for yourself)

Visit OBA Quilts is a great find for 
One-of-a-Kind Gifts

Visit OBA Quilts is a great find for one of a kind Holiday Gifts

  *  *  *  *  * 

Milestones in our Lives
 Celebrate the Lives & Homegoing of:

 My first cousin Dr. Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell 

Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell born in Edgefield, SC August 12, 1922 to Feb. 28th, 2014. Daughter of John & Mary Emma Strother DeVore.

Click on links below to access stories on

Ophelia's life & achievements:
Dianna Carrol, Cicely Tyson & many more
got their start at her NY School.


 She will be missed!


 Dr. Hazo Carther and his wife Judge Charter on right

The late Dr. Hazo W. Charter and his wife Judge Carter on right, Dr. Howard Wilson former WVSU Alumni Association President with wife Serena Strother Wilson at his side addressing conference at WVSU. They will all be missed!

The late Dr. Howard & wife Serena Strother Wilson, 

Also Dr. Samuel Washington,  Archie Dent,Lt. Col. Sam Washington Jr. (Retired)

Freddie Strother, Clarence DeVore, Nina Robinson, Archie Dent

Donald Young Sr., Acie McGee, Leroy Eley, 
Al Thomas, Ruth Kemp Phillips


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