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Congrats To #FacesofRapMothers Participants #Book Number 4 Tina Brown Shonta Gibson Carlene Corsey #TeresaRKemp (Historian for the Faces of Rap Mothers Online Museum & Learning Portal) Theresa Ford Dianna Boss Mariah Marie Jerido Nakendra Harris-Mason Lena Moss Ames Antonette Demia Rosebaugh Chemia Wilkens Tabitha Langston Bonnie Williams Carlton T. Strother Shanico Stevens Jamika Smith Love Wisdom Congrats To all you beautiful ladies Lawrence Lee Margie Lee Towanda Warren Roderick Fernan Henry Tamika Engaged

Faces of Rap Mother's 

International Online Hip Hop Museum

Please, Support the build,
send us your ideas, original video clips to add to the Hip Hop Nation's
Museum Archives.

We are in the process of
building it with you.


What makes up the Rap Culutre?

Who, What When Wher

Rap, Hip Hop, Gansta music,

You can send an original
video of someone
who is no longer here with us.
Help them to Leave a digital footprint.

We want to honor you/them.

Videos do not need to be in English!

We are preserving the original languagesCandy Strother DeVore's Faces of Rap Mothers book available on

& dialects of the rappers.

We would like videos from
Every Country in Every Language!

Teresa R. Kemp @1keeperofthefire

She is the official historian

for the Faces of

Rap Mother's Brand.

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Leave us a message with
suggestions of who to add.

Here we will feature International
Hip Hop Nation's 
video clips of
past, present and future hip hop artist.

We want to Preserve the art of Get your copy of Book Faces of Rap Mothers with Candy Strother DeVorethe Hip Hop Nation's cultural history on a Global scale.

All Countries contributions are welcomed.

They do not have to be signed to a record label
to be eligible to be presented here.

List them on our Facebook page:

Faces of Rap Mothers - Teresa R. Kemp

 Please send us your favorite artist
original Hip Hop video clip or
you can send in Your
original Hip Hop video presentation.

e will post it in the FORM
playlist & on the FORM Instagram pages.

All information, videos, photos herein contained
are Copyright © 1999-2020 USA & may not be reproduced,
transmitted or stored without the prior knowledge &
written consent of Faces of Rap Mother's Teresa R. Kemp

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