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"We were not of those who drew back ....."
Francis(Stone) McDaniel Grandma Irene Jefferson's mother 1890's Irene Horton Jefferson, William Jefferson's wife, Bramwell WV, Master Quilter,Bettye Austin of Coopers WVOphilia DevoreLouise Jefferson Wilson, Master Seamstress, President of the WV Baptist AssociationMaudina Howard of Bluefield WV Nora Bell Farrow McDaniel, Master Quilter, Grand Daughter of Abolitionist Eliza & Peter Farrow, Mother of Ozella, Mary Eva   McDaniel Strother & 8 others,
Dr. Ozella McDaniel Williams, Master Quilter. Education Administrator, Subject of the Book Hidden In Plain ViewMary Eva McDaniel StrotherViola Strother Witcher, Master Quilter, Jolie Salon & Hair Care Products Pioneer, Serena Strother Wilson, Master Quilter, G riot, Historian, ResearcherLeona Bussey Bigby, Bertha Strother's daughter
Maria Denese  Wilson Tate, master crochet artist, Daughter of Dr. Howard & Serena Wilson,Teresa Renee Wilson Kemp, Atlanta's Quilt Lady, Historian, Researcher, Quilter, GriotKir Kemp Whatley, 6th Generation Quilter of the Farrow McDaniel FamilyJasmine Thomas Wilson, 7th Generation of the Farrow McDaniel Family

Mr. Schrodder, a Pennsylvania ninth grade English  teacher had my neighbor memorize  
the following statement in the 1990's!

Dr.  Alvin J.  Cook shared it with me.

"That I cannot read, much less answer

all the attacks made against me, 
I do the best I know how,

the very best I can and I mean to

keep doing so until the end.

If the end brings me out alright,

what is said against me

won’t amount to anything. 

If the end brings me out all wrong,

10 angels swearing I was right

would make no difference."

----- Abraham Lincoln

As one of the leading providers of  historical presentations & lectures,

we bring 8 generations of information.

We take pride in offering the best exhibit experience for patrons. 

A vehicle for discussion to open

dialogue that leads to healing for communities.

"We Have Chosen Education a
Bridge to Understanding"

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Though we have lost my parents,

 I'll continue bringing exhibits
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The UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Exhibit
recieved 850,000

that gave us their stories & signed our
guest journals.

We are dedicated to exceeding the
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 The late Dr. Howard & Serena Wilson 

with their daughter Ms. Teresa R. Kemp have 

done over 4,000 exhibits and presentations.

The UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum,
formerly located in Underground Atlanta
(Atlanta, GA)
is now a Traveling Museum
On-line Museum

Dr. Howard L. Wilson Co-Owner of Plantation Quilts & Gifts, presented nationwide with his wife Serena Wilson & his Daughter Teresa Wilson Kemp

 Here is a listing or links to Exhibits & Presentations. 

Scroll down for a listing of television,
radio and print nedia coverage.

The City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs

brought Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp and the "UGRR Secrets of the Quilts"
Exhibit &  Video Presentation 
to Atlanta's Cyclorama & Civil War Museum

Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum where Teresa Kemp presented the UGRR Secret of the Quilts.

Below is a link to the the History Makers website,
five hours of video and articles
 about Serena-Strother Wilson an
"Art History Maker" so nominated in 2004.
(Click the photo below)

Mrs. Serena Wilson was an Art History Maker there are 5 hours of video you can access at the History Maker's Video Archives


"The Past Meets The Present"
Lawrenceville Female Seminary 

Hosts Black History Month Celebration

By Joy Marcelle Email the author February 27, 2011

Lawrenceville Women's Seminary where Mrs Teresa Kemp presented her families Quilt Code History


Mrs. Teresa Kemp Historian, Researcher, 5th generation Quilter of the Farrow - McDaniel Family   

Below are some highlights  (we are adding others daily) :


CBS Film Crew with Serena Wilson & daughter Teresa Kemp at the Kelton House (UGRR Station in Columbus, Ohio. 


Nov 2012               WACT TV -57 Atlanta Live Television Program 
                               Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp presented  Human Trafficking Modern Slavery"

Oct 2012                Channel 8, Charleston, WV Dr. Howard Wilson &
                               Teresa R. Kemp "UGRR Secret of the Quilts

Sep 2012                Faculty Lecture West Virginia State University 
                               Institute WV "Secret of the Quilts" Teresa R. Kemp 

Oct 2012                Channel 11 Charleston, WV Teresa R. Kemp
                               "UGRR Secret of the Quilts Exhibit at WVSU

                              People 2 People Atlanta, GA UGRR Secret Quilt Code                                            Museum in Underground Atlanta

                              GPB TV "State of the Arts",

 2004                     CBS Early Show: Commorating Slave's Freedom

Feb 2001                 Rochester, NY TV Covered the Lecture & Exhibit at Rochester University

Jul 1999                   Community TV-19 Columbus, OH - Serena & Howard Wilson

Jun 1999                  ABC News - Interviewed Author Raymond Dobard on book"Hidden in Plain View"

Apr 1999                      Randolf 's Journa l WCSC TV 5 Charleston, SC Serena Wilson & Jackie Tobin

Apr 1999                  HGTV "The Simply Quilts Show" Serena Wilson & Jacqueline Tobin

Jan 1999                  Opraha Winfrey Show Preview book "Hidden In Plain View"


Oct 2012              PBS Charleston, WV 3 program segments by Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp answering nationwide questions received about "Secret of the Quilts" Exhibit at WVSU.   

Nov 2011             Story Corp Atlanta, GA Recording of the UGRR
                            Family Legacy by Teresa R. Kemp

Feb 2000             The Lunch Brunch Talk Show" WCVO -104.9 FM 
 Christian Radio Interviewed Serena 
Wilson on the Secret                                       
Quilt Code Messages & their faith that helped slaves to escape.  

Viewing Textiles at the GA Quilt Show October 2011.

 Displays, Exhibits, Lectures, Book Signing & Appearances


Sept 2014       Keeper of the Fire Exhibit at Tennessee Temple University
                                   Fundraiser for Women's International Resouse Center

Aug 2014 July Dawn Exhibit of Plantation Quilts at the Atlanta Fulton Cty.
                                   Public Library July 1- Aug. 2014

May 2014 Ephesis Litergical Art Show Serena's Samplers in Columbus, Ohio

March 2014               Mancusco Quilt Fest Savannah "UGRR Secret of the Quilts" at The                                                                      Convention & Trade Center Savannah, GA

    Kaiser Permanente's 2014 Community Health Fair " UGRR Secret of                                                               the Quilts Exhibit/ Stop Human Trafficking Decatur, GA 

Feb 2014 Washington Park Annie Peters Library Pre-K programs Stop Human Trafficking finding our way home Quilt Code Arts & Crafts 

4th Annual Cornbread Jubilee & Festival of Breads "UGRR Secret of the Quilts/Stop Human Trafficking", Jim Hamilton Airport Columbia, SC

St. Luke AME Zion Youth Black History Program UGRR Secret of the Quilts in Lone Star, South Carolina.

UGRR Secret of the Quilts/Stop Human Trafficking at the Covina Public Library, Covina CA

  My father went home to be with the Lord June 1, 2013 Cancelled Programs

Mar 2013                 "Memories Pieced Together" at MLK Arts Complex Columbus Ohio

Mar  2013                   World Igbo Assembly Staunton, VA

Mar , 2013                 "Women Empowered To Achieve the Impossible" Baltimore, MD

Feb 2013                   "Track your Freedom Program" at Washington Pk. Branch/Annie McPheeters 1116 MLK                                     Jr., Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314 

Feb  2013                  365° Harmony Honoring Serena Wilson in Williamson, WV by T. Kemp & Dr. H. Wilson

Oct 2012                       WVSU Faculty Lecture by Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp 

Sep 2012                      WVSU Exhibit "UGRR Secret of the Quilts" Davis Fine Arts Building

Feb 2012                      Concord University Athens,WV Teresa Kemp Dr. Howard & Serena Wilson        
                                      presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2012                      Bluefield State College Bluefield, WV Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Dr. Howard & 
                                     Serena Wilson presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2012                      Atlanta Fulton County Library Atlanta, GA Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp presented
                                     "UGRR Secret of the Quilts" 

Nov 2011                      "Sacrafice & Service Veteran's Program"  Atlanta Fulton Cty.
                                      Library  Atlanta, GA  Teresa R. Kemp's Military History Program
                                      guest included 2 Tuskeege Airman, Inc.  members,
                                      Mr. Paul Bolton a WWII Buffalo Soldier veteran.

Oct 2011                        Atlanta Cyclorama Atlanta, GA Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp presented
                                      "UGRR Secret of the Quilts"

Aug 2011                      WWI Wreath Laying Ceremony Camp Jackson, Columbia, SC
                                     Congress ordered the
veterans of the 371st Colored troops 
                                      honored for their service.  
                                     Teresa Kemp had 12
family members both Black and White 
                                      members of the Colored Troops honored.

Oct 2011                       GA Quilt Show at the Gwinett Civic Center Duluth GA 
                                     Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp presented the UGRR Secrets of the Quilts Exhibit"

Feb 2001                     American Red Cross Central OH Region "Black History Month" 
                                    Columbus, OH Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit" 

Feb 2001                     Avalon Elementary School Columbus, OH Presented
                                     "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      Columbus Metropolitan Library Karl Road Branch
                                     Columbus, OH Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      Gahanna Senior Citizen's Center Gahanna OH Presented 
                                      "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      Columbus Metropolitan Library Northern Lights 
                                     Columbus, OH Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      North Central Correctional Institution Marion Ohio "Black History Month"
                                     Presented Lecture & "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      American Red Cross Central Ohio Region, Columbus OH
                                     "Black History Month" Presented Lecture & Secret
                                     Messages in Quilts & Songs" Exhibit

Feb 2001                      Union Grove Baptist Church Columbus, OH Presented
                                      Churches of the UGRR & "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit"

Feb 2001                      Bethany Women's Association, "Black History Month"
                                      Bethany Presbyterian Church Columbus, Ohio 
                                      Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit".


Feb 2001                      Bureau of Land Management "Black History Month " Department of  Interior                                                                       Washington,  DC Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit".

Feb 2001                      University of Rochester Rochester, NY "Black History Month" 
                                      Presented Lecture & "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit".

April 2000                      Handy Elementary School Westerville, OH Lectured & Exhibited "
                                      Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs".

Mar 2000                       Middle State African Studies Association Conference Charleston, WV
                                       that featured "A Slave Ship Speaks" the Wreck of the Henrietta Maria"
                                       Exhibit. Lectured and presented our gallery of UGRR Secret Quilt Code
                                       Patterns that Helped the Slaves Escape" Youth & Patron
                                       Art & Craft Activities  provided. Sponsored by the Governor of WV
                                       Cecil H. Underwood & General Motors.   

Mar 2000                       Diversity Training Workshop Mental Health Staff at Mental Health Ctr. 
                                      Columbus, OH Lectured & Exhibit of "UGRR Secret Messages in
                                      Quilts & Songs" 

Mar 2000                       Grover Cleveland Middle School Zanesville, OH Dr. Howard & Serena Wilson                                                                    Presented "Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit".

Feb 2000                       Pickerington Historical Society, Pickerington, OH Presented
                                      "Secret Story of Quilts & UGRR". 

Feb 2000                       Columbus Metropolitan Library at 6 branches " Lectured & Exhibited
                                       quits showing the Secret Messages used on the UGRR.

Feb 2000                        St. Paul Shepard United Church Columbus, OH Lecture & Displayed Quilts 
                                       showing the Secret Messages used on the UGRR.

Feb 2000                       House of Refuge Columbus, OH Lecture & Displayed
                                       Quilts showing the Secret Messages used on the UGRR.

Feb 2000                       Upper Arlington Library, Upper Arlington, OH Lecture & Displayed
                                       Quilts howing the Secret Messages used on the UGRR.

Jan 2000                        Book Signing Barnes & Nobles Book Store Whitehall, OH Serena Wilson

Nov 1999                       Kent State University Kent, OH Lectured & "UGRR Secrets of the 
                                        Quilts Exhibit" Calvin & Teresa Kemp, Howard & Serena Wilson.

Mar 1999                        Barnes & Nobles Charleston, SC - Serena Wilson with Jackie Tobin 
author of the book "Hidden In Plain View".


Traditional Quilt Works Magazine "UGRR Quilts More Secrets Revealed
by Serena 
Strother-Wilson Photos by Howard Wilson

American Vision

Columbus Metropolitan Library Novel Events 

Essence Magazine

Emerge Magazine 

National Geographic Magazine

News Week Magazine

Quilt Works

US News & World Reports

USA Today

The Washington Post



Sep 2012      "Quilt Codes Tell How Slaves Navigated the Underground Railroad"  by Dave Mistich.


Feb 2012      The Blufieldian Bluefield, WV
                    UGRR Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs Exhibit 

Oct 2012       The Stinger WVSU Institute, WV

Oct 2012       The Charleston Gazzett Charleston, WV

Nov 2010      Concord Press, Athens WV

Oct 2010       UGRR Secret Quilt Messages Program
                    Presented at BSC" Sponsored by Title III

 Feb 2011      "History, Courage, Illustrated Through Quilt Exhibit"
                    by Dennis Yena of the Daily Telegraph Staff Photo
                    by staff photo by Eric DiNovo

Feb 2011      The Lawrenceville Patch Mrs. Teresa Kemp presents 
                     "Past Meets Present at the Lawrenceville Female Seminary 

May 2004           Salt Lake City Tribune " Road Maps to History"
                           Salt Lake City, Utah by Rhina Guidos Photo  by
                           Steve Griffin Salt Lake City Tribune Staff

Feb 2002           Williamson Daily News Williamson, WV "Speaker Looks
                           Back on History" by Audrey Carter News Editor Dr. Howard
                           & Serena Wilson Sponsor NAACP

Feb 2002            Williamson Daily News Williamson, WV Quilt
                           Program Planned by Williamson Branch NAACP & Youth Council

Jan 2000            The Columbus Dispatch Columbus, OH "Slave Escape Codes
Were Hidden in Quilts"

Jan 2000            The Columbus Dispatch Columbus, OH "Black History Month - Storyteller
                           Weaves History with Quilts Powerful Messages" 
                           by Robert Albrecht dispatch Staff Reporter

Nov 1999           Call and Post "Slave Escape Codes Were Hidden in Quilts"
Photos by Tobais Houpe

Nov 1999           National Geographic "Hidden Messages in Quilt Designs"  by
Dobard Art by Jennifer Christiansen, NGS Staff 

Oct 1999             The Daily News - Williamson, WV  Reported on "Quilts gave more
                            than warmth to slaves on the UGRR in the 1800's"  by
Serena Wilson 
                            & Viola Witcher her sister)


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