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Great Grandfather William Jefferson from Piggs River Township Pittsylvania County VA.John DeVoreHorton McDanielPeter Farrow Jr.David Richardson StrotherMilton J. Strother


      2020 Confernce Plans

Canceled Due To the Corvid -19 Pandemic

Thanks to thoes who joined me at

SC Wild's Heritage Center of Plantation Quilts.

(A South Carolina Non-Profit)

It is a gallery, Preservation Center, Archive

and Science Center that is home to our extensive


I appreciated all your questions, comments

and post on Social Media


Join me as I finish 2019-2020 on the

journey of documenting

digitizing & publishing our

family's history in my new book





Get all of the items you need

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Family Reunion Celebration....

The oral African Family was documented

& published in 2014. History that resulted

in a 5 generation work:




 You will be able to see the supporting

African photos and American photos

on our blog site we are setting

 up today for you to view for the

first time in history!

4000+ photos * 500+ book Bibliography 

You will find out more about the

sources of the information

from 33 countries, that have

holdings of the Africans, Arabs,

Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, British

& American's slavery and more.

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 To all of the new family members

I found through DNA matches here

are some of the ones I saw: 

Lynda C. Johnson, Bianca Torry Terry, Heffner

(FYI - Melissa not Hugh),

Several members of the Alabama DNA Project

I look forward to getting to know you all!

FYI - My MtDNA Screen Shots

My Family Origins according to our 2012 Family Tree DNA test. New surname matches include Armstrong, Busby, Cole (Not Kisha) Collins, Cowan, Daniell, Dooling, Gentry, Hawse, Heffner (FYI - Melissa not Hugh), Hunter, Hurd, Kerr, Keyser Kilgore, Matthews, McCann, Norwood, Pullen, Radcliff, Riddle, Serra, Sweeny, Swoop, Underwood, Watson, Wright, White, Valentine, Van de Berg.

       Thanks to the famiy members who came out to

visit me during the Covina, CA Exhibit.

Teresa R. Kemp Guest Curator for the Underground Railroad Secret of the Quilts Exhibit with her cousin Dr. Percy Abrams in Covina, CA.

We Love our  family and we are looking for you!

Found the Veals (Viels), Dickson, Bostics, more Smiths

Teresa R. Kemp and her relative Paul Higgins in Covina, California Library exhibit of the UGRR Secret of the Quilts.

We pray for you, your love ones, 

needs and safety daily.


Abrams, (Abrems, Abrahams Abrahms), Adcock, Adkins, 
Alexander, Andersons, Armstrong, Austins, Axberg, Averys, 

Bacons, Bakers, Balls, Barefoot, Barns, Barnes,  Battles, Beesons, 
Belchers, Bells, Bently, Berry, Bigbys, Bisordi, Blacks, Blairs, Bland, Blockers, Bormans, Boorams, Bosticks, Brame, Brunsons, Browns,
Bulls, Burtons, Busby, Busseys

Cambell, Cantelope, Carters, Cason, Cassidy, Cecil, Clarke, Clason, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Cowan, Crowe, Crumbley,Culpeppers

Daniell, Davis, Denton, Dents, Devards, DeVores, Dews, Dicksons,
Dooling, Dunns, 

Earls, Edwards, Eichelbergers, Ervin, Evans

Farro, Farrows (Pharrow, Pharroh), Ferard, Forsakers, Franklins, Frenchs, 

Gaffney, Gandys, Garcia, Garland, Garrets, Gentry, Gertjegerdes,
Gibsons, Gilcrest, Gilchrest, Gordons, Gordys, G
Gullers, Gutter

Hamptons, Hawkes, Hawley, Hawse, Hendersons, 
Higgins, Hoffendall, Hollinsworths, Holmes, Hogar, Horto, Howards, Hunter, Hurd


Jacksons, Jeffersons, Jenkins, 
Johnson, Jones,
Joyces, Justice

Kehler, Kelly, Kemps, Kennerley, Kerr, Keyser,
Kilgore, Kingcade

Lake, Larrys, Lawler, Lenox, Lentz, Leverett,
Littles, Lockharts, Loveland

Marlins, Martins, Marshalls, Martins, Mastro, Matthews,
Means,  Means, Medley, Metcalf, Mitchells, McCann, McDaniels,
McKee, Mobleys, Moores, Morangas, Motons, Myricks

Nesbitt, Nicholsons, Norman, Norwood,

Oakes, Outzs

Palmores, Parham, Parkers, Parks, Peacocks, Perrys, Pettit, Pickering, Pittman, Pixleys, Pixleys, Pixlers, Picksley, Picksly, 
Pharrors, Pharow, Phannor, Popes, Porter, Powel, Powells, Pratts, Pullen

Radcliff,  Reeds, Redeemer, Richardsons, Ricks, Riddle, Riner,
Roberts, Robeson, Robinsons, Rominger, Rosenberg, Ruppert, Russ, Russel

Savages, Scoggins, Scotts, Serra, Shepards, Sheppards, Shifflett, Sims, Simpkins, Smiley's, Smith, Singletons, Sonnier, Stanleys, 
Strother, Struthers, Struders, Sullivans, Swearingem,
Sweeny, Swoop

Talberts, Tates, Tallifero,Talliferro, Taylors, Terry,  Thomas, Thompsons, Thornton, Tigner's, Torry,


Valle, Valentine, Van de Berg, Veals, (Viels)

Waggerby, Wagner, Wagoner, Wash, Washington's, Watkins, Watson, Websters, Whatleys,
Wheeler, Witchers, White, Whitehunts, Whitehurst, Williams, Wilson, Winifred, Witcher, Woods, Wright


No Entries


Zieglers, Zollinger


I am looking for Scoggins family members. 
Please contact me I have the Family Bible Records but
do not know any Scoggins descendants!

Children of Christopher Strother born in California,
have contacted me. I have found my late

Uncle's grandchildren!
I would like to welcome the following Families
I added them above to the

Allied Families based on photos, DNA
personal testimony, bible records, wills,
marriage records found in May 2014: 

New Allied Families:

 If you think you may be related

to us check the known names

and Allied Family List first.
If you do not see your name don't

let that stop you.

We are looking for the 9 Children of my

great grandfather David Richardson Strother who
were born in Georgia 1840 - 1860. 

Please call Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp (404) 468-7368 or 
E-mail  me at


The 2016 Strother Family Conference 

or the
Dent - McDaniel Family Reunion

This website site recognizes the early migration of

Strother family members to the southeast states of

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

The Atlanta History Center is the depository for 
the Henry and Arthur Pryor Strother 


Don't forget!
Family Forgiveness Fridays

(Please, don't wait till friday)

Ask forgiveness today!

Ask for Forgiveness today!

We want peace in our families & in our towns. schools and
lives here is a link to methods you can use!




I have been digitizing family records!

Coming soon Strother DeVore's, Farrow Family Book.
Next Bussy's, McDaniels and the Higgins families

Click on the Photos below for the family records you

would like. Milton J. Strother Family Records

Born in 1856 in South Carolina to David R. Strother

(Born 1814)& Ann Jones (1837 in North Carolina)

Milton Strother


Bertha & Charlie Bussey Family Records 
SC, MI, CN (Click photo below) 

                        Fred Bussey     

Appalachian Community
McDaniel, Jefferson, Howard,  Austin,
Wilsons, Dews Lived in the following states,

they were stationed worldwide in the military.

 Virginia - West Virginia - Ohio
Howards &  Jefferson family in NY

Current Family Projects:

You all have asked for a copy of the book

Leona Bussey Bigby
"News of the Colored People"  
2008 by  
Tonya A. Browder & Ma
lissa Browder

Old Edgefield Publishing Company Edgefield, SC

It is a book of newspaper articles by 
Milton J. Strother that appeared in

The Edgefield Advertiser

June 30, 1936 to August 25, 1937

Mom said shortly after that he took ill and went to the
Columbia State Hosp
ital where he later died.


You can call Tonya Browder
Mon. thru Friday after 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at

Click below for a link to the book store.

The Old Edgefield District Geneaology Society (OEDGS)

Teresa R. Kemp with her mother Serena Strother Wilson at the Edgefield Historical Society in Edgefield SC

The public is cordially invited to the 

Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society meeting on 
in the Lynch Building Annex of the 
Tompkins Library, Edgefield, SC.


DNA Projects: We are part of the Strother
projects & 
the Farrow projects.

Strother & Farrow

We have taken the Family Tree Y- DNA &
Family Finder Tests in Feb. 2012.

We do match the William Strother, the Immigrant

click on the Coat of Arms below to go
to the Strother Family Page

Strother Family Coat of Arms

(or see

  Proving David Strother is Milton Strother's father. 
We are a match for the  Farrows (YDNA & MtDNA
Family Finder tests) We have the online results.

 We are happy to share the results with you or
add them to other on-line groups to assist you in getting
answers. We have lots of matches and have been contacted by a
few. If you are interested in corresponding with the matches
let me know.

Mary Eva McDaniel Strother, 2nd wife of Milton Strother of Edgefield, SC, Sarah (Green) Quattlebaum was adopted by Milton & Martha Strother .Joyce JeffersonNora Bell Farrow McDaniel, Master Quilter, Grand Daughter of Abolitionist Eliza & Peter Farrow, Maudina Jefferson Howard - Math teacher at Genoa High School in Bluefield WV, wife of Rev. Howard, WVSU Alumni, Quilter,Anna Dorothea DeVore Hampton,

Irene Horton Jefferson, William Jefferson's wife, Bramwell WV, Betty Austin or Cooper's WV my paternal grandfather's mother. Mary Emma (Strother) DeVore, Wife of John DeVore mother of 5 children Francis (Stone) McDaniel Grandma Irene Jefferson's parents 1890's, VA resident 1890'sPrecola DeVore in Washington DC had the first modeling agencies and Charm Schools for persons of Color  

My DNA test turned up matches with my

great grandfather's & his Grandmother Joycie
Culpepper Sheppard Strother's living relatives!

She died in 1830's Amazing!

We need a complete family tree for this site also.
I have been adding our family information

* No one can access living peoples
personal information *

Family Tree

I need you to put in a MS Word document named 

Family Tree (your name) and send it to me
so we a have a correctly spelled list of you, 
your spouse, or children, grand children & 
greatgrands please. 
I am putting together a complete family tree 
for use by family individuals.


You can also always have your names private 
or excluded from a list to be submitted at anytime 
for any reason. Your privacy is important to us!

We currently will submit  one list for the Strother Society.

Note: There are several different spellings for 
each of the last names in our families.

I am working to  complete tree from Strother,
DeVore, Wilson, Farrow, McDaniel,
Austin, Barnes & Jefferson sides. 

I have tried to name the oldest family member surname.  
Let me know if you need a different one.

Native American Status:


We have submittedApplications for Cherokee & Choctaw Tribal Enrollment!

Some of the other Native American Tribes in
our family 
are Chocktaw, Seminole,
Maripoma & Pima

 Sonny DeVore

Yes we do have documented Native American Ancestry!

After years of research, we have found the family
line of Ann Jones

She is the Child of Lulu Whitehunt & John Wilson Jones

Born in 1837 in North Carolina.

We did meet the criteria for membership or
Enrollment requirements 
of the Eastern Cherokee Nation but
Sonny DeVorehad been removed 
from the rolls.

Check back there have been recent court cases won!

There are 3 branches:

Eastern Cherokee in North Carolina

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma

1. Each individual must submit an application
for themselves 
the parent must submit &
sign for their children under 18.

We can't join any of the tribes unless you
have another Native American family

member who has not given up the
Native America life.

For the Eastern Cherokee
Tribal Enrollment we must:

Be under the age of 19.

Have an ancester that is on the
1924 Baker Rolls

(This information must be updated since the
2018 Court Case has been won.)

The final roll of the Eastern Cherokee, prepared by
United States Agent Fred A. Baker, pursuant to an
Act of the 68th Congress, (43 stat., 376), June 4, 1924.

Before preparation of this roll,
the Act required that all land, money, and other
property of the Tribe be transferred to the
United States for final disposition.

Termination of the Tribe as a government and
political entity was the ultimate goal.

After termination efforts failed,
the Tribe continued to use the 1924 Baker Roll
as its base roll.

Descendants of those persons of the original
Baker Roll are enrolled on the
Baker Revised Roll, providing they
meet the membership requirements of the Tribe.

Have it deternined that You have at least  1/16
Cherokee Blood

Example: From Ann Jones -Miltons mother

Milton Strother- My grandfather

My mother - Serena Strother Wilson

Me (I am not under 19)

Apply for and recive a CIBD

For the other tribes our ancestor must have signed

up & be listed on the Dawes Rolls in 1889.

    You can continue to do research
    here are some sources we used:

    For List of records that you can
    search of the US Government
    Click below 

    National Archives

    Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs  

    Click this link for where to find the Records

    Holding Locations

    I would like to THANK
    East and West Coast family members have been assisting

    me in  getting the documentation necessary to file for 
    Native  American Status.
    I will put links to the documents.
                NC Birth Record 

    Lula White Hunt & John Wilson Jones

    daughter Ann Jones born 1937.

    SC Death Certificate

    Ann Jones is listed as Mother
    on Milton J. Strother's Death Certificate

    1860 US Census Records

    For Ann Jones showing 1 child

    David Richardson Strother Milton's Father

    William Strother (Milton's Uncle)

    1870, 1880

    Strothers, Barnes

    1900 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940

    US Census Records

    For Busseys, DeVores, Strothers,

    Abrams, Farrows, Kemps, Jackson, Jeffersons,

    Austins, Wilsons, 

    Locating family members, photos and records:

      Irene Jefferson's Obiturary

    Looking for any Barns,  decendants, family members 
    photos and records. Some of the records I have 
    are voter registration from 1960's, Census, military, 
    death, birth, land deeds, wills,
    Civil War hospital, pension, prisoner of war, exhchanges, 
    diserters, military honors & metals, maps.

    Railroad Train Tickets from Trips my family took      

    Applachian Family History Projects:

    Appalachian African American Female Artist

    When we exhibited at Bluefield State College we

    were told they did not know of any Appalachian

    African American Female Artist.

    My paternal grandmother Louise Jefferson

    Wilson, graduated from Bluefield State College

    in Bluefield WV with a degree in Art &
    Home Economics. I have 3 of her oil paintings
    she also made two
    of the frames. They are signed and dated.


      West Virginia State Alumni

    There are  28 members of our family who 
    attended or graduated from West Virginia State
    University (Colored Institute first then
    College) We are putting together memorabilia 
    for an Exhibit on upwardly mobile
    West Virginians. (Programs, photos, sports stuff, 
    sorority or fraternity stuff, booklets, newspapers)

    Ms. Louise (Jefferson Wilson, of Bramwell WV, attended West Virginia State College and Bluefield State College majoring in Art & Home Economics.  We have 3 of her oil paintings. 


     My great grandfather William Jefferson in Bramwell, WV ready for a road trip!

    Edgefield, SC Photos

    Milton & Mary Eva Strother with 3 of their 4 children  Doll Serena Strother, Geneva Viola Strother Witcher, Benjamin D. Strother Edgefield South Carolina,


    Charlie Bussey Sarah Green, John DeVore in Edgefield, SC

     Thank you for visiting our site!


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    website contact

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    mayhout the prior knowled not be reproduced without written consent of Ms. Teresa R. Kemp (404) 494-5465 or her heirs.


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