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UGRR Military History Programs

In American cities today, there are
At-Risk youth populations that have higher
fatality rates than any 
of the our 
4 branches of U.S. Military
serving in 
current war zones!

What should our response be?

 Ours is to Honor & Educate!

 Teach Delayed Gratification

& Reconcillation Skills

 Instill courage to do the right thing.


Bring Your Lunch & Join


Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp & Ms. Sonya Hodges

at the

State Museum Building

SC Confederate Relic Room and Military

301 Gervais Street * Columbia, SC

Phone: 803-737-8095

 “WWI Lunch and Learn” Session

was on February 26, 2016 at 12:00 noon

For more information click here or call 
Mr. Joe Long Phone: 803-737-8095 or

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

(803) 618-2250 or (404) 468-7368 

Free & Open to the Public

Handicapped Accessible * Free Parking


Thank you for the  support 

Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library

Exhibits were a Great Success! It is closed for the next 2 years for renovations.

We learned a lot at the Youth Programs!


Plan to Get Our New Book Coming Soon!

Strother Sacrifice & Service

Union & Confederate American

Civil War Records

To teach and understand the
diverse roles of the American Civil War.
Read our book, it is a great gift for libraries, teachers, reenactors, genealogist and Strother decendants!

"Keeper of the Fire: 
An Igbo Metal Smith From Awka"

Forewords by

Serena M. Strother Wilson Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku

Keeper of the Fire Author Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Forewords by Mrs. Serena M. Strother & Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku Illustrated by Jamel K. Thomas-Joyce 

Click book to Order:

Put in these Codes for a 30% Discount

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Full Color Copy (477) Cost:  $89.95 

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 Narratives of American Revolutionary War patriots to
Civil War's Contraband and the impacts on Slavery

World wide naval participation and maps of the world,

Ethics, Forgiveness, Comradery,
Honor ALL Veterans who serve

Click on Mrs. Teresa Kemp's Photo 

below to join in her  
 On-line "American Civil War History"
 Interview & Discussion: 


Click below for Link to National Archive's

Teaching With Documents:
Photographs of the 369th Infantry and
African Americans during World War I


Schedule your
Military History Program Today

USA Call Ms. Teresa Kemp at:

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  Join Sonya Hodges, Military Historians

to Honor

The 371st Historical Society & 

The World War I  - 369th Historical Society's

As we honor our past & present veterans.

For more information contact

Ms. Sonya Hodges

Phone: (803) 361-6444


See You There! 


Major General Nathaniel James of the WWI Era 396th Harlem Hell Fighters Museum, New York.

We celebrate the service and lives of

Lt. Col. (retired) Sam Washington Jr. Lt. Col. Sam Washington Jr. (retired)

Lr. Col. Samuel Washington Jr. (retired)


Service Was Monday, January 13, 2014

The family and friends of US Army retired Lt. Col Samuel Washington Jr. has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in silent respect for their American hero. The funeral service will be at Bethel AME Church, 501 W. Orange Ave., Tallahassee, Florida. 

Col. Acie McGhee (retired, deceased)

Dr. Howard Lee Wilson (Lt. Col. retired, deceased)

Lt. Col. Leroy Eley (Deceased)

one of the founders of the

Atlanta Chapter Tuskeegee Airman, Inc.


A Comment about

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp's

"Sacrafice & Service Vetreran's Program"

"Thank you for your time and a great Veteran's Program.
We very much appreciated your input in arranging the
honorable Guests Veterans. I know that you have a
number of demands on your schedule right now, so the
fact that you took as much time as you did
to provided 
us with such an excellent
Veteran's Day Program is
even more welcome."

 A special thanks goes out to:
Mr. Paul Bolton/ Buffalo Soldier

 Mr. Leroy E. Eley Sr./ Tuskegee Airman
(Origingal member of Atlanta TAI Chapter)

 Mr. Samuel A. Jones Jr./ Tuskegee Airman

 A Job Well Done!!!!

 We would love to have you all and the Veterans back at the
Central Library for another program soon."---
Atlanta Fulton County Central Librarian


To Locate where a veteran is buried start your search

For Tombstones, Replacement Medals
Flags, Roosters of Confederate, WWI & WWII

or for more information c
ontact Sonya Hodges at


Our Military History Programs:

"How To Find Military Service of Your Ancestors"

"How To Find Civil War Ancestors"

"Sacrifice & Service"
Revolutionary War thru Vietnam Wars

"Preserving Your Family Treasures"

"'Photographic Memory Quilts"

 South Carolina War Monument

We share with patrons:

How to find your ancestors who served in the military
or  provided services to the military

Exhibits include our Family's
Military Hi
story Photos & Artifact Collections

Hands on activities while exhibiting our artifact,
photos, documents and 500
Confederate States of America Documents &
CSA Legislation 

How to care for and exhibit your collections

Getting other family members or
youth interested in your co
mmunity or
family military history

Events coming up are at the bottom of the page.

 Pictured on the far right, Serena Strother Wilson was selected as Ms. ROTC at West Virginia State College in 1955. Shown here at the ROTC Annual Ball.

Above far right, Serena Strother Wilson
was selected as Ms. ROTC
at West Virginia State College in 1955.

hey are shown here at the annual



Military Service of my
family members

(Check back often I will be adding info weekly)

Militia Information & Links


He is the son of William Strother &
Margaret Thornton. This William was the son
of William Strother I, the Immigrant born
1620 - 1630 and died in VA in 1702 and
his Wife was Dorothy.


SAR Number 88947

 Joyce Sheppard Strother’s 
(my great grandfather's David Richardson Strother's 
grandmother) line of descent is given as follows:

Joyce’s parents are James Sheppard born: 1737, died: 1791 
Married: 1759 to Jannet Riddle, born: 1742 died: 1820.
Frances Joyce "Joicy” Sheppard born 
October 29, 177- Edgefield County, SC 
married William Strother in Edgefield County, 
South Carolina he died: Feburary 24th , 1841 in 
Edgefield County, South Carolina.

SAR Number 21211

Revolutionary War Service:
In Pleaons (Phelmons) Waters Company, Newbury SC
Sub index No. 2645 of Book
Index issued by the State of South Carolina in payment
of claims against said state growing out of
War of the Revolution as follows:

No. 2646, Issued May 3rd, 1783, L 45-11;
stub to Mr. James s
heppard for duty in
Waters Regiment, Acct. audited.
Principal L45-11; interest 4-3-3

Sons of American Revolution Record for George Strother great grandfather of Sallie Strother Hollingsworth of Edgefield SC. Sallie is my Great Aunt


James Sheppard is the same ancestor through whom
NSDAR memberships 285777 and 285382 were
approved and issued by the
Daughters of the American Revolution.


WAR of 1812

William Strother's information as recorded in
bounty land file, War of 1812,
Served in Co. commanded by
Capt. William Watson and Regiment
commanded by
Col. Abner Womack at the
Navy Yard, St. Tammany, La.



Click the Tumblr button for our Miilitary History Blog & 
Artifact Collection Photos

We originally present the Civil War Military
programs as it pertained to
"Methods of Escape" for enslaved people.

Research question about African & African-American

Confederate Soliders - Were they in CSA service?
Did they or their heirs file for and recieve
pensions from the Confederated States of America?


African Americans who escaped from their
master's plantations and went to the
Union Army were call "Contraband".

 There were over 1,000 Africian-Americans who
lived in the South that were
already free before 1861.

"Your Civil War ancestor may not be a man .."
---- T. Kemp

Harriett Tubman is remembered for being  an abolitionist but she was also a Union Scout & Spy Harriet Tubman was one of the
scouts, spies and nurses
  among other women that played
  a major or supportive roles in the
  war efforts.
Some dressed
  as men and fought.


 Slaves who were pressed into service for the
Confederate side were promised their freedom.

Slaves who left their masters plantations when the
Union Army marched through the south were
called "contraband" and some joined the Union Army
troops and fought.

While researching for the program I realized my family
had contributed to the War Effort on both sides!
I then began to tell their strories also.

Most of my Civil War Ancestors were not
African American and yours may not be men.  

58 of my family members fought in the
Civil War on the Union Side

and 160 of my family members fought in the
Civil War for the
Confederate States of America. 

Alexander Strother, B. Strother, B. F. Strother. B. H. Strother,
B. T. Strother, Bailey Strother, Columbus Strother, Cook Strother,
C. N. Strother, C. H. Strother, C. W. Strother, Charles Strother,
D. H. Strothers, Daniel W. Strother, David C. Strother
David Strother ,David Hunter Strother, David Richardson Strother,
Eli Strother, Elzey Strother, Emswiler Strother, Ford Strother,
French Strother, F. S. Strother, George A. Strother, G. G. Strother,
George W. Strother, M. Strother, Gray Strother, Hartley Strother,
Heavener Strother, Horn Strother, James L. Strother,J. D. Strother
J. E. Strother, J. H. Strother, J. L. Strother, J. M. Strother
(Company G, 42 AL Infantry), John M. Strother,John Strother
(Company 26, 31 AL Infantry), John Strother (Company A,
59 AL Infantry), John Strother (OP of Instructor Talladega)
John T. Strothers, Jordan Strother, Josiah Strother, J. T. Strother
Mat Strother (Company K, 19 & 20 Consolidated TN Cavalry),
Polard Strother, Renick Strother, Reuben Strother,
Robert P. Strother, Stephen Strother, Stephen Strother Jr.
(Parks Comp VA Cavalry), Thomas Strother
(Private Co. G 9th KY Mtd. Infantry), Thomas (JT) Strother
(Co. A, 14th TN Infantry), T. H. Strother, Tidwell Strother
Vaughn Strother, W. B. Strother, W. D. Strother,
W. H. Strother, Walter C. Strothers, W. J. Strother, William Strother
( Private Company G 16th Reg’t. VA Cavalry), William Strother
Private Parks’ Company Virginia Cavalry, William T. Strother

I am continuing to add them and organize the
documents for each still in existance.

 Check back often I will add them soon.

  David Hunter Strother 

Above my greatgrand father David Richardson Strother (CSA) 
(On right ) My 
Union relative David Hunter Strother

I will be adding the 100+ others and the Military
document holdings of our collections

Spanish American War  

African American in Spanish American War  African American soldiers in the Spanish American War


Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers in the Spanish American War


World War I

    WWI Veteran, husband of Mary Strother DeVore
Frank Eugene and Julian Strother & John DeVore served in WWI
the Bulls & Eichelburgers were also in the 371st Colored Troops

  Lymus Bull was in the WWI US Army 371st.

Born in 1896 in Columbia SC. He was 22 yrs in 1918.

Joe Bull was in the WWI US Army 156th Depot Brigade.
Born in 1895, he  lived in Columbia, SC
at the time of enlistment.
Joe was born in St. Matthews, SC.

Robert Bull was in the WWI US Army 156th Depot Brigade.
Robert was born in 1896 in Columbia, SC.
He was 22 years old & 5 months in 1918.

Joseph Bull was in the WWI US Army 156th Depot Brigade.
He was born in 1894 in St. Matthews, SC.
In 1918, he was 24 yrs. old.

Harry H. Bull was in the WWI US Army 156th Depot Brigade.
Born on Aug 25, 1894, in Columbia, SC.

Robbie, Bull was in the WWI US Army 156th Depot Brigade.
He was born 12/20/1895.
He lived in Bowman, SCat the time of his enlistment.
He was born in Holly Hill SC. 
He died of Bronchial Pneumonia in Camp Sevier, SC.

The 371st fought in the last battles of WWI, 

they were honored by France.
In WWI, the  371st Colored Troops were the 1st to use mustard gas.


The 371st Colored Troops were in the
396th Harlem Hellfighters (called "Blue Helmuts")

The WWI US Army's 371st Colored Troops
were the 1st to use Mustard Gas.

They were given medals by France but were not
nized by the United States of America until 2011.
(See photo below)

Freddy Sowers was honored in 1988 for service in WWI.
In 2011, my mothers uncles, brothers
and relatives were honored Ma
y 2011 by (click to view order)

US Congressional Order 

 Red Hand Patch of the 371st US Infantry (Colored)
For more information click on
hand below for unit history,
photo of monument with names of thoes
who fell in France

The Red Hand Patch worn by the men of the 371st US Infantry Colored Troops.

Frank, Edwin, Julian Strother
(3 of my mother Serena's brothers),
David, Jullian, Eddie (3 of her uncles)
& the Bulls & Eichelbergers (5 of her cousins)
fought in the 371st US Infantry Colored Troops.

 371st Colored Troops Flag

The 371st did basic training at Camp Jackson
located outside Columbia, SC. 

African American Military Commemorative  Oval

World War II

  Blanche DeVore Abrams son Joseph Abrams, Grandson of Ophelia DeVore, John & Mary DeVore's Great Grandson

(Above) Joseph Abrams

Roy Jefferson of Bramwell WV enlisted in the US Navy. He is the son of William & Irene Jefferson.  

(Pictured above) Roy Jefferson

Charles Thomas Fuller WWII US Army Vet. Opened resteraunts Taxi Cab & trucking companies in Washington DC when he renturned from WWII. Married to Catherine, the had one daughter Alma Fuller Palmore.(Above) Charles "Thomas" Fuller

Fred Strother WWII Veteran

(Above) Fred Strother 

Other family in WWII listed below

 Calvin Kemp Sr., Langston Austin, his brother
Calvin McDaniel &  Joseph Abrams

Jessie William Austin served in WWII, 
he was born  July 19, 1921 in Coopers, WV
He died in Greenbriar, WV on March 4, 1960.

Korea & Vietnam

 Howard L. Wilson came through the ROTC program at West Virginia State College  

  (Above)  Howard L. Wilson &

(Below) his older brother Junior Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Other service men in our family:

Benamin "Benny" Strother & Howard A. "Tony" Wilson

 Roland Belcher & Calvin G. Kemp Jr.

Ltc. Col. Howard Wilson was inducted into the 

WVSU ROTC Hall of Fame

WVSU ROTC Leadership Patch of the ROTC Programs, West Virginia State University, Institute WV. Formerly known as  West Virginia State College a Historically Black College (HBCU) and  West Virginia State Colored Institute before that.

14 Generals have come out of the ROTC Department at
West Virginia State University. The Tuskeegee Airman
trained at WVSC prior to Tuskeegee Institute
getting a Federal Land Grant.

One of the WVSU instructors taught them to fly
in his personal plane.

Wendy Whitehurst, a military policewoman was stationed in Korea.

Mrs. Wendy Whitehurst


Links & Events you should visit:

Ohio Fight for the Colors 

Ohio Civil War Sites & Museum Links

Kennasaw Mountian National Battlefield Park

 Visit an excellent Military Program's website 

my long time friend sent me

Houston Independant School JROTC Progam website

 MOTTS Military Museum

Motts Military History Museum

"Preserving America's military heritage
Colonial Era to Iraqui Freedom"

Civil War Surgeons Kit

(Other events for the whole family will be added
to calendar as details are confirmed)

  Join Teresa Kemp's Family & Sonya Hodges

Major General Nathaniel James of the WWI Era 396th Harlem Hell Fighters Museum, New York.
as we travel to 
Columbia, SC honor the 

WWI Men of the 371st Colored Troops Feb. 7th, 2015

 The following event were GREAT!

Honor our VETS year around....

Mon. Dec. 15th, 2014  Battle of Nashville 

During the Battle of Nashville (December 1864),
nearly 13,000 black soldiers aided
in the defeat of the Confederates.
Nashville Blacks in the Civil War Mark
_ Nashville , Tennessee.

Thursday, Jan. 15th, 2015 Capture Fort Fisher
Following several hours of determined resistance
and the committal of five more Federal regiments
(including U.S. Colored Troops).
The Confederate defenders were overwhelmed.
"Capture! Marker _ Kure Beach in
New Hanover  County, North Carolina

Feb. 18th, 2015 U.S.C.T.
Charleston, SC Liberation Day.

Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 2015 U.S.C.T. Wilmington,
North Carolina Liberation Day.


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