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Plantation Quilts Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To document, discuss preserve our families cultures
and contribution to World & American History.

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My mother, Mrs. Serena Strother Wilson

spoke before the United Nations Conference in 2004

United Nations Women's Conference Salt Lake City Utah. Serena Wilson shared our family legacy and how people of many races and faiths assisted with the UGRR Secret Quilt Code to get freedom seekers to safety.

"Honoring Ancestor Women"
in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.



 Serena Wilson & Dorthy Height a leader of the African-American and women’s rights movements who was considered both the grande dame of the civil rights era and its unsung heroine.

Civil rights workers Serena Strother Wilson & Dorthy Height

Ophelia DeVore in NY and her sister Precola DeVore in Washington DC had the first modeling agencies and Charm Schools for persons of Color in America.     Ophelia DeVore Ophelia DeVore in NY, had the first modeling agencies and Charm Schools for persons of Color in America.  She was a business pioneer and a legendary model

My cousins Dr. Precola Mary (DeVore) Waters & Dr. Ophelia DeVore

Collaborating with organizations to
provide exhibition, wholesale & retail outlets for artist,
new businesses or service providers

My cousin, Phyllis Dews was honored this year  in Atlanta GA, as the first African American Girl Scout Troop leader in America in their 100 year history.

The Late Phyllis Wheatley Dews, a Girl Scout Pioneer

July 10th, 1922 - January 12, 2021

  By document our oral history/quilting 

allowing social media accessibility & 

digitizing of our collections.

 Photo of Researcher Serena Strother's Research Trip to Elmina Slave Fortress Ghana Africa, one of  Serena's 4 research trips to Africa.

Teresa R. Kemp & her late mother Serena Strother Wilson
at Elmina Slave Castle in Edgefield SC & Ghana Africa

By researching, documenting & publishing findings

    The Secret Quilt Code by Serena Strother Wilson appeared in Quilt Works Magazine

By providing hands-on  internships

West Virginia State University Davis Fine Arts Staff that graciously assisted us with set up of the UGRR Secrets of the Quilts Exhibit.
for historians, archivist, quilters


City / County / State
Workforce Development Programs

Weavers, basket makers, woodworkers, metalsmiths,
& college students

Preservationist, art and related educational

Researchers with museum collection training opportunities.



Communications, English, History, Math,
Biology, Print making, Literature, Film Making,

ROTC & English as a Second Language

Classes all visited the "UGRR Secrets of the Quilts"
Exhibit at West Virginia State University,
Concord University & Bluefield State College.

GA Quilt Show patrons get a close up and hands on experience with West African textile with 1st iteration of Hebrew characters.


By instructing Folk Art Classes,

Students participating in free Gallery Activity at the Underground Railroad Secret Quilt Code Museum.

exhibits, lectures, demonstrations

Dr. Alvin Cook lectured on
subliminal messaging in movies!

Dr. Alvin Cook, UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Lecture Series, subliminal messages in Media Lecture. 

Slide and video presentations

 by facilitating open dialogs between people

  WVSU 1956 Class Reunion

that will educate & heal communities.

Wood Carving Exhibit & Class (above)

Hebrew in West African textile
& Igbo Research Book (below)

   By promoting the importance of preserving

Woman Quilting on Quilt wooden Frame Gees Bend Alabama USA African American family sewing a quilt.

UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum was honored by several author's Book Signing Events for our youth. 
displaying, teaching an
d documenting

Kir Kemp & Michael Bond making dolls at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum. Just one of the Quilt Code Activities the teens enjoyed.    Sweet grass baskets were displayed and weaving classes were taught at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum. It was just one of the UGRR Quilt Code Youth Activities boys enjoyed.

Prof. A. Maddy taught Tie Dye Classes. Class Participant Chinwe Cook at the Underground Railroad Secret Quilt Code Museum Exhibit in Atlanta GA 

Sweet grass basket weaving  Sweet grass baskets were displayed and weaving classes were taught at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum. It was just one of the UGRR Quilt Code teen Activities.

all cultures & art forms.

        Irish Festival at Underground Atlanta included the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum as we documented family oral histories

Our Values 

To teach the importance
of the

"Do unto others as you would

have others do unto you."

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