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Our Research Methods & Primary Sources

 UGRR Quilt Code

Research Methods

For Over 40 years we traveled touring Underground Railroad Stations

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& Related Sites

Attended Conferences & Workshops

held by the National Parks Service

before the

UGRR Network to Freedom

program was began

Participated in escavations of an

UGRR Statation in

Traveled with my parents & my children

from Sullivan Island South Carolina


I went on a research & ASA World 2015

Medical mission Trip to Nigeria & Ghana Africa
to check the accuracy of our family's

UGRR Quilt Code
& my book

"Keeper of the Fire:

An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka."

Below Nana Efua Adadzewa 1st

Teresa R. Kemp

In Ghana Africa at the

 Museum at the palace of the

Osei Tutu II, King of Ashanti
Asantehene ma Asanteman

in Kumasi Ghana 

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp at the Ashanthene's Manhyia Palace Museum in Kumasi Ghana. Researching the UGRR Quilt Code symbols and the languages in my families Quilts.


Talking with Ghana's Elders & historians to check the symbols and the translations. 

Tour Guide Paul Amuah met me in Accra Ghana and traveled with me for a month.

to villages around Kumasi, Mankessim

I attended schools celebrations, weddings,

funerals, festivals, hospitals, church services,

met dignitaries, visited archives, markets,

weavers, craftsmen, farms, prisons, welders,

conferences, historic slave sites, community centers

to determine.....


Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp with historian and tour guide Paul Amuah in Bonwire Ghana. Documenting the UGRR Quilt Code symbols and comparing the meanings with Kente languages and Adinkra symbols.

Went on Radio Blogs where I could talk to

listeners around the world.

The listeners asked questions and wanted to 

Hear about the primary sources we used to
document our African family's history
resulted in the 5 generation work:

"Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka"

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Atlanta's Quilt Lady, Author of Keeper of the Fire.

I showed the quilt patterns used as maps & messages with music and more to assist in formerly enslaved African & African American Freedom Seekers.


 You can hear these broadcast today

Thanks for the Listening on
High Frequency Radio &

Join Bernice Bennett on Genealogy Blog Talk Radio Interview with Teresa R. Kemp Thursday January 15th, 2015.

Get the Book Keeper of the Fire!

It is 480 pages of photos, documents and

primary sources for the UGRR Secret Quilt Code.

Click on book to buy a copy at a Discount!

Color  Version $73.62

Black & White Version $26.96

It discusses International & American slavery,

American Revolutionary & Civil war mpact on slavery,

International Abolitionist,

Anti-slavery Abolitionist, Churches & Organizations

I have often heard that the UGRR Quilt Code is based only on the interviews of my late great Aunt Ozella McDaniel Williams.

Here is what our family's legacy is based on:

Over 1,000 years of documentation  and oral history,

Over 1,200  Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia,

South Carolina State Documents

Plantation Wills - 2 that name Peter & Eliza, 

Wills that name slaves given to family members

p. 1 of 3 -1837 Will of Joicy Culpepper Sheppard Strother. (David R. Strother, my great grandfather's grandmother)

Plantation inventories, that name people enslaved

 3 Slave valuements naming Eliza & Peter

Estate documents, platts and maps.

william strother 1789 1861 grave stone

Plantation cemetary records & photos 

U.S. Federal and State Census documents

Thomas Dover's US Census Record shows he was born in England in 1794.

             1840 US Census Record of my great grandfather David R. Strother

William Dover Jenkins Slave Schedules of the 1850 US Census

State Birth & Christening documents,

Military Service & Pension , State Death, State Hospital

Oganizational records

  Approved Son's of American Revolution record of Patriot George Strother FL Application

Masons, Elks and other organization in America have kept lodge records since the 1700's.

State and Church Marriage records,

Church Histories, Records,  Programs & Leaflets, Photos

Nathaniel Dett Chapel Canada

Dated Newspaper articles and photos

School Records

State & College Farm and Agricultural Reports

Handwritten family testimony by
William Jefferson in photo below

 William Jefferson my fathers grandfather, coal miner, business owner from Piggs River Pittsylvania County Virginia moved to Bramwell, WV.

His Family Bible Records              

      Marriage records for William & Irene Jefferson of VA & WV.   William & Irene Jefferson Bible records listing Parents in 1800's in Piggs River, Pittsylvania Cty. Virginia   

State, National & International

Archives records & Museum records  

Organizational records

Y-DNA & MTDNA testing 

30,000+ artifacts in our personal collections

 3 ancestral houses on the National Register of Historic Places

UGRR Quilt Code Museum patrons -    850,000 indiviuals & families that wrote entries in our guest books

amily geneology documented by Churchof the Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City Utah as a gift,

Cincinnati, OH Freedom Center Archives, WV, SC, GA, OH &  Nation Archives, Libraries, Geneology Centers, LDS Family Research Center staff, On-line sources and more

2 U. S. Copyrights

10,000's of Photos,

Over 150 Igbo customs still in our American family,

Documented faith of African Tribes by British Missionaries,

Use of paid & volunteer researchers

5 African research trips & 1 to Israel by my mother

Family Research Trips from SC to Canada

Dr. Howard Wilson & daughter Mrs. Teresa Kemp at Abolitionist John Rankin's home in Ripley OH.

Journals, Audio & Video Taped Interviews

   Living in Europe 15 years, we toured homes,

museums, libraries, churches and historical sites.

Sarah Green Quattlebaum on tour in US and she traveled to Germany to teach me our family's South Carolina history. My great aunt Ozella McDaniel Williams also toured in Europe with me.

When the book "Hidden in Plain View"
aired on morning talk shows... the attacks began

Hidden in Plain View

My younger children (when ages 10, 11, 15)

asked me....

"Did they think our family
didn't quilt in Africa?"


"Do they really believe there weren't
many Igbo people
kidnapped, sold to America?"


"Do they believe the African people came
without their own languages or skills?"

"Why are people so angry about the
UGRR Secret Quilt Code?"

I told them, "It was a lack of a broad education."

American Education omitts 

worldwide achievements in order to
instill a sense of national pride."

"They obviously only learned American history and at the time it lacked most of the accomplishments of 

other cultures riches & skills."

 -- Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

 "Until the lioness tells her story the tale
of the hunt goes to the lion & the hunter"

 Serena on her final African research trip

Serena Wilson made five (5) research trips to
Africa and one to Israel.

In Ghana, West Africa At Elmina slave fortress

Serena Wilson on research trip to west Africa Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leon

and with African teachers discussing
textile languages shown below

Serena Wilson in Ghana with teachers discussing the UGRR Quilt Code on her 3rd West African Research Trip,

We traveled throughout the United States.

Teresa R. Kemp with her mother Serena Strother Wilson at the Edgefield Historical Society in Edgefield SC where Serena's grandfather David Richardson Strother was the Rockhill plantation owner on a SC research trip.

Accompanied by family and friends.

er family also traveled throughout Europe.

 Family Trip to UGRR Stations and Cities

Dr. Howard Wilson & daughter Teresa Kemp at Abolitionist John Rankin's home in Ripley OH.

Then in a Atlanta, GA community public school, 

my youngest son was being taught in 3rd grade,
he was the descendant of African slaves and
should not have high
life expectation!

He had the "3 strikes" - Black, male and poor! 

I was out raged and so was my family.

When we asked for a meeting
with the s
administrator & the teacher .....
She said it was a technique
she used to motivate her students!

Collected posters of Slave Sales, Anti-Slave meetings, Slave Sales posters, Abolitionist photos in the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Exhibit

Finally in 2012 we did our DNA

My Family Origins according to our 2012 Family Tree DNA test.

With the unexpected controversay that 

surrounded the book
"Hidden In Plain View " by the authors

Jacquelin Tobin & Raymond Dobard
my family was facing a challenge that no
other family has experience.

In another situation:

I was openly communicating with people 

on-line and by phone to personally answer
questions about our family.

hoes correspondance were being twisted
and published without
our knowledge or consent.
My parents had cancer diagnosis
and were publicly and cyberly being attacked
(a medium they didn't understand in 1990's)
we stopped!

My great aunt's Social Secutity information was
actually published on-line by!

We decided to just own and continue
telling our family story.

We have heard stories of people who do
" UGRR Quilt Code Exhibits"
that are used to vent their racial biases

Tommy Strother, Kir Kemp, Gilchrist family members at the 2012 Silver Springs MD Family Reunion

Our family is multi-racial & we embrace them all.

Serena & cousin Lynn Booream in Edgefield SC family home.
Pictured above Cousin 
Lynn Booram Edgefield, SC Historian Serena in one of the family homes

Here you will find inspiration on how our family overcame

slavery, separation, segragation,
natural disasters
, depression, wars & more to still be landowners,
educated, contributing members of society always
concerned with the well being &
prosperity of all!

All slavery situations were not equal.
In the case of our family,
there were several ty
"up country" South Carolina
owner, my maternal

great great grandfather was
a slave on a "Lowcountry" coastal GA plantation.

Below Nora Farrow McDaniel 

Ozella McDaniel Williams Mother

Nora Bell Farrow McDaniel, Master Quilter, Grand Daughter of Abolitionist Eliza & Peter Farrow

Her husband
illiam McDaniel 
was on the Breckman plantation 
which is now the Master's Golf Course 
in Augusta, GA.

Below is a link to help you get to know the European 

side of my Strother Family.

Documented in Europe before 200 AD

in America starting in 1650's.

Get to know our family visit Milton Strother's
Teresa's grandfather) ancestry on the
William Str
other's family page

I have put the ancestry on-line in the
Free back to 1240 AD!

Strother Family Coat of Arms

Click on Crest above
Then select the "Did You Know" Page
on the see how we are related to
American President's including Jimmy Carter.

Below is my grandfather Milton &
(his frist) wife Martha Pixley Strother
they had 11 children. 9 were born in
the late 1800's some passed for White.

My great grandfather Milton & Martha Pixley (his 1st wife) Strother in Edgefield South Carolina.Martha's sister's children were all sold away by her slave master and she never found or heard from them again.

Martha Pixley's older sister's children
were all "sold away" by her slave master.
When slavery was over she
never found them again!
Family is very important to us!

We have known our family
been quilters for eight generations
and historians even longer.

My family history is extensively documented &
the records are now easier to find.

My old Research page had more
abolitionist and UGRR sites.
This one will have the information in updated formats.

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