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The late Serena Strother Wilson "Keep The Show on the Road"

                            -- 2012 Serena Strother Wilson        


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UGRR Quilt Code Museum Brochure

2014 Plantation Quilts Brochure contains exhibits, lectures, workshops,  program information for Traveling Exhibits and Bio for Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

Exhibits are scalable to your space & budget

We assist in marketing all programs & exhibits

We work with you to find grants
& collaborative funders

Programs & Exhibits:

See details of programs below: 
The Companion Book is Now Available!

Research of 5 generations;

187 years of history;
33 countries of museums,

archives & libraries; 
& 500+ books with sources we used to 
document our family's African 


 "An African Diasporan Experience"

at Hillside Presbyterian Church

Feb. 4, 2019th, See you soon!

Sam & Edith Johnson's daughters with Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, (event keynote speaker) hold their mother's quilt at the African Diaspora Experience Scholarship Fundraiser & Exhibit on Feb. 7th, 2015 at the Hillside Presbyterian Church in Decatur, GA.

Scholarship Fundraiser * Exhibit * Book Signing


 Scarification Art are marks of beauty in West Africa. He has the UGRR Quilt Code patterns cut into His skin on his chest and arms.  Scarification Art are marks of beauty in West Africa- circa 1940. Here she has the UGRR Quilt Code patterns cut into her skin.  Scarification Art were signs of courage and beauty in West Africa. She has Quilt Code Pattern cut into her skin.  

These are not tatoos - They are country marks given
for title, high standing in community, heroic deeds or rank.

They brought their culture - music, dancing, foods 
agricultural techniques, building, hunting 
weaving, animal domestication, metal smithing and 
boating skills to America to build this country.


 Follow my families journey from East Africa to West,

forced migration to America of 5 generations!

We Welcomed 6 School Groups:

American Quilt Society Quilt Week
AQS Convention Attendees * Vendors * Sponsors * Staff
Seniors * Group Military * Students 
For Questions Call (404) 494- 5465
To reserve your exhibit today
Senior, Group Military, Student Discounts 



"Finding Ann Jones"

The Methods, sources & process used to uncover our
Native American Ancestry


"UGRR Secret of the Quilts"

Secret Messages in Quilts & Songs

 "The Abolitionist - Methods of Escape"

     Features over 200 international abolitionist; antislavery legislation; anti-slavery tracts, books, and newspapers;
35+ "Methods of Escape" used in America;
afe Houses & UGRR Stations

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Josiaha Henson & wife abolitionist   
Abolitionist John & Jean Rankin of Ripley Ohio. Their UGRR station was called the North Star since they would leave a lit lantern in their home's window that could be seen from both the KY and Ohio sides of the river when it was safe to come. The Ohio river was often called the river Jordan. Mary Liverrmore Chicago Abolitionist

Young Levi Coffin

 Abolitionist meeting at the community Presbyterian Church 1837

We have documented 150 Abolitionist & 
 38 different methods of escape. 

$50 Dollar Reward. Louis W. Clarkson absconded from the plantation on the  Wataree River Sept. 24, 1810.

The UGRR Secret Quilt Code is just one  of the methods 
used in Africa & America by my ancestors.

UGRR North Star Quilt

Our families UGRR Quilt Code 
is just one of many methodsused by freedom seekers.

"Sacrafice & Service Military History"
    Proudly covers 2 AmericanRevolutionary War
family members,
            both  my 160 Confederate / 58 Union  relatives 
      12 relatives that fought in World War I. 

Military History American Revolution to WWII 
Programs & Exhibits: 

Click here for Military History info 

David Hunter Strother Union Soldier   David Strother Confederate troops Unit K 2nd Artillery Regiment SC was the father of Milton Strother  of Edgefield SC. He was the owner of Rock Hill Plantation.

General Pershing (Reinactor), Columbia, SC Vietnam Veteran's group and Ms. Teresa Kemp, military historian at the 2011 Wreath Laying Ceremony of the soldiers who fought in 371st Colored Troops in WWI France. Many families attended, those honored  included 14 of Ms. Kemp's relatives. They wore the red hand patch.   1918 Photo in WWI France members of the 371st Colored Troops (pictured are Edwin Strother & Friend) who trained at Camp Jackson SC near Columbia, SC.

"How to Find Your Civil War Ancestors"

"Sacrafice & Service In My Family"

"Caring For & Maintaining Your Families Treasures"

Camp Jackson Nation Cemetery near Columbia SC Wreath Laying for the 371st Colored Troops, General Pershing reinactor, Vietnam Veterans Group and Ms. Kemp military historian. ( 12 black & white relatives of her family fought in the 371st Colored troops.

"The Art of Language"

Shows how one cultures languages are considered
        only art when not understood or spoken.

Hebrew West African Textile from Ghana that shows Hebrew characters.

Monolith from Nigeria Alok Ikom Stone Monoliths, Nigeria Africa. Photo by Dr. Sidney Davis Alok ikom Stone Monolith, Igboland Nigeria Africa  

Alok Ikom Stone Monoliths in Nigeria, Africa. Photos by Dr. Sidney Davis.

           "Messages in the Music"

Discusses the songs that were used as messages
on the Underground Railroad and 
many of the words originated in Africa translated. Many of the same songs were sung in America.  

Musical stringed instruments from East &West Africa used to communicate, celebrate, calm and for religious ceremonies.

                 "CHURCHES OF THE UGRR"

Features over 32 different denominations
of churches whose members including 2 Jewish
brothers in Alabama. Methodist, AME, Baptist and
many more were active in the
Abolitionist Movement or were UGRR StationsNathaniel Dett Chapel Canada final stop of the UGRR Secret Quilt Code routes.


Churches of the UGRR. This church shows the Dresden Plate window in a Cathedral Church.

     We customize presentations &
    exhibits to your theme and needs

Gallery Before
Exhibit is Mounted


 Gallery During .....



 Galleries After:

Concord University - Athens, WV

5 Quilts hanging in the gallery

Quilts hanging and table displays at 
Bluefield State College
Bluefield, WV


Combination quilts hanging with table displays

Above room set up with 100+ chairs for lecture, with a combination of hanging quilts and table displays


Past exhibits for your review:

Bring Your Lunch & Join


Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp & Ms. Sonya Hodges

at the

State Museum Building

SC Confederate Relic Room and Military

301 Gervais Street * Columbia, SC

Phone: 404-494-5465

 “WWI Lunch and Learn” Session

was on February 26, 2016 at 12:00 noon

For more information click here or call 
Mr. Joe Long Phone: 803-737-8095 or

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

(404) 494-5465

It was Free & Open to the Public

Handicapped Accessible * Free Parking


"Sacrifice & Service Military History Exhibit"

at the 

Atanta Fulton County Public Library's

Dates: November 1st - 27th, 2017

was held over for 2 weeks!

Thank you for your support!


 It was part of 1st Thursday's Atlanta Art Walk!

Exhibit Tour & Book Discussion


Thank you for Joining me at the 

 Juneteenth Festival it was great

           in Mosley Park Atlanta, GA

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"Keeper of the Fire:

An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka" Click for Special prices 

Keeper of the Fire Author Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Forewords by Mrs. Serena M. Strother & Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku Illustrated by Jamel K. Thomas-Joyce,  Call (803) 618-2250 for more information.

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          My ancestor, Peter Farrow, an itenerate Nigerian metalsmith did the "Lost-Wax Process" in Awka,

Anambra State, Nigeria West Africa.


The UGRR Quilts at the 

"Keeper of the Fire Exhibit"

 was great!


Tennessee Temple University - Lee Roberson Student Center 

The best Chatanooga, Tennessee Quilt Show

for International Women's Recovery Center

We offered Free UGRR Arts & Crafts, Teacher handouts, 

Family History Forms & Fabric Swatch


Art Exhibit 

at the Atlanta Fulton County Public Library 
in downtown  Atlanta, GA 

Great Grandma's Bow Tie Quilt

3 of the UGRR Quilt Code Museum's Family Plantation Quilts

were on display in the Basement Alcove.

West Virginia State College Institute, WV


Creative Arts Festival Sharonville, OH

National Black Arts Festival
Corretta Scott King Annual Book Awards
Atlanta, GA

View our UGRR Quilt Code Gallery & 

Cultural Festival Activities Photo Album below


Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

at (404) 494-5465 or


 We offer:

Exhibit, Tours, Presentations & Lecture Series
Serena Strother Wilson presentation & discussion with teachers in Ghana, West Africa on one of 5 Research trips

 Lunch & Learns Exhibit & Discussions

    Teresa R. Kemp & Monifa at the NBAF Coretta Scott King Book Awards Youth Leadership Academy Home Decor Class Display at the Central Library Exhibit  

Youth Summer & Holiday Camps

Arts & Craft Classes, Free Gallery Activities

 Dr. A. Maddy (from Sierra Leone) taught the tie dye class at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum. Shown here with student Chinwe Cook and her completed tee shirt.

Above Prof. Maddy from Serria Leon
Western African Tie Dye Class

 UGRR Quilt Code Math & Science Activies

Youth Science & math activity, k-6 activities, home schooler activity, boys sewing, geometry, UGRR Quilt Code Gallery Actiities

Soulful exchanges of hugs & years
from patrons in the Doll Making classes

Doll Making Class at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum, Gallery activity for Adults & Youth

Hearfelt things happened in classes

We have Quilt Code Activities for 

youth, adults & seniors

UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Exhibit Wood Carving Class Series - East to West in Woods. Pictured are youth with Nigerian carved wood at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Exhibit  

Adinkra Stamps, Math Projects,
Quilting, Wood Carving, Quilt and Artifact care,
Scholarship/Grant writing for HS seniors & college students,
picture quilts, canning classes,
tied rugs & weaving classes were some of the
UGRR Quilt Code Activities at our Traveling Exhibits.

Basket Weaving classes were one of the Quilt Code Activities at our exhibits


Teresa R. Kemp was a presenter
at the Temple University in Philadelphia, PA
Reunion Conference

"Making Photographic Quilts"

"How to Document You Famiy History"

"Preserving Family Treasures"



Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp - Atlanta's Quilt Lady presents the UGRR Secrets of the Quilts Exhibit at the Covina Public Library- Covina, California.

Past Exhibits:

Feb. 5 - 9th, 2014

"UGRR Secrets of the Quilts"& Stop Human Trafficking

Covina Public Library Covina, CA

(25 Quits, Documents & Artifacts)


Feb. 15th, 2014

"UGRR Secrets of the Quilts" & Stop Human Trafficking

Cornbread Jubilee & Festival of Breads
Columbia, SC

(25 Quits, Documents & Artifacts) 

Feb. 16th, 2014
"UGRR Secrets of the Quilts" & Stop Human Trafficking

ST Luke’s AME Zion Church
Black History Month Youth Program
Lone Star, SC
(25 Quits, Documents & Artifacts)


Feb. 28th, 2014

"UGRR Secrets of the Quilts & Stop Human Trafficking

Kaiser Permanente
Regional Doctors, Nurses & Staff
Atlanta, GA
(25 Quits, Documents & Artifacts)


March 1, 2014

"UGRR Secrets of the Quilts"& Stop Human Trafficking

Kaiser Permanente 2014 KPAAPA
Community Health Fair
Decatur, GA

(25 Quits, Documents & Artifacts)


March 26-30th

 "UGRR Secrets of the Quilts"& Stop Human Trafficking

Mancuso Destination Savannah Quilt Fest
Savannah Convention & Trade Center
Savannah, GA
(43 Textiles, Plantation Documents, Artifacts)


April 9th, 2014

"1800's in Family Plantation Quilts"
Quilters for Christ Quilt Guild
Columbus, Ohio

(8 Quilts)


Sunday May 4, 2014
  "His Banner Over Us Is Love" Liturgical Art Exhibition

Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church
3650 Sunbury Road Columbus, Ohio
(2 Sampler Quilts made by Serena Strother Wilson)

 July 1-August 1st, 2014

"Africa Village Life to America Abolitionist in Quilts"
Atlanta Fulton County Public Library
Alcove Exhibit Area 
Atlanta, GA

(1 African Textile Village life, 1 Bow Tie Quilts, 1 Sampler)


 July 24-26, 2014

1st World Igbo Arts & Cultural Festival
"Keeper of the Fire - An Igbo Metalsmith from Awka"
Igbo Village -Frontier Museum Staunton, Virginia 

(Paper, Panel Discussion, 5 Quilts, 10 African Textiles, 10 Artifacts)


Fundraising exhibit for the proposed
International Women's Recovery Center 

"Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metal Smith from Awka"

September 5th -19th, 2014

Tennessee Temple University Lee Roberson Student Ctr.

Chattanooga, TN


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